1. 2014 Serbia gdp 37% of Eu 2017 Serbia gdp 37% of Eu

    2014 Serbia consumption 47% of Eu 2017 Serbia 47% consumption of Eu

    down the ranking for all Eu + candidate countries 2014-2018

    Vucic tell me how you did it for go down and mentain the same level ?

    (adrian_bucharest, 27 October 2018 15:05)

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  2. Uskoro će biti: Bog me pitao za vrijeme ručka...
    (keja, 24. oktobar 2018 11:21)
    I laughed so much tears came out of my eyes 😂😂😂
    (Avni, 24 October 2018 21:14)

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  3. He said those "somewhat richer pensioners" would have significantly higher October pensions starting November 10, which would be significantly higher than they had been in 2014. Sure the thieving politicians and paper shufflers crony party bureaucrats. The rest of the majority of citizens screwed and robbed as usual. Dose the idiot realize it is almost 2019 the rest of the pensioners are even more behind. With inflation numbers compounded in the 5 years.
    (Lenard, 24 October 2018 19:06)

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