1. Lenni,

    I am very unhappy but I have to agree with you to a large degree.

    Where you are wrong is that IMO Putin is a question mark: he BECAME essentially a fascist because of major damage the West tried to do to Russia.
    (Ataman, 2 February 2018 01:10) Ataman they don't need Wests helping hand Russia is very adept in screwing up all by it self. Just like incorrigible Serbia.
    (Lenard, 4 February 2018 00:49)

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  2. Russians and Serbs magnetize each other. They make friends and help each other. read about Shoigu and Kusturitza todays meeting. So feelings of Dacic for the Rus people are not surprising.
    (rote, 1 February 2018 19:07) I think you were thinking some other word that start with M. Marginalize, Megalomaniacs etc. Yes birds of a feather flock together even two headed turkeys on one body. Just be careful that you don't peck your eyes out you two love birds. You two already don't see clearly should put some glasses and not pink ones. That should also help you two from pecking out each others eyes.
    (Lenard the wise yes guy, 4 February 2018 00:41)

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  3. We're all we're born and bread into the damn Russia thing.
    (piecemaker, 2 February 2018 18:36)

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  4. Bog te Pozivo Srpski Brate Ivica !!!
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 2 February 2018 18:07)

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  5. @Rote

    Вот думал-думал и вроде передумал.
    Roger7 скорее всего прав. Л. тоже придуман... как и Азир и прочие.

    Скорее всего тем-же Данилкой-психопатом.

    Л. такой-же хорват как я - албанец.

    (Данилка?, 2 February 2018 07:45)

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  6. It was only an example of purchashing power
    (adrian_bucharest, 1 February 2018 07:40)

    The purchasing power should be saved for much better things.
    Car repair guys never buy new cars.

    We do because I am horrible at car repair.

    Save money for safe cars and good homes. And kids.

    Computers (and electronics in general) are just fancy crap.
    (Ataman, 2 February 2018 01:20)

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  7. Lenni,

    I am very unhappy but I have to agree with you to a large degree.

    Where you are wrong is that IMO Putin is a question mark: he BECAME essentially a fascist because of major damage the West tried to do to Russia.

    Why they did I already wrote: USA needs a conflict at any price to save jobs.

    Putin is acting to make RU stronger... and unfortunately the fascist way is way to easy.

    However, His Unholiness Chief Mullah (Erdogan) and His Monkeyness Orbángutáng (you know, whom I mean) are quite worse than Putin.

    The monkey is the worst, Putin is the best out of this trio. Luckily, RU is the strongest (out of these) and HU is the weakest.
    (Ataman, 2 February 2018 01:10)

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  8. Rote Kapela did you like my play on words Putin commi czar aka commissar. I'm sure you got it. Serbs on the other hand out to lunch as usual their comprehension skills are really atrocious.
    (Lenard, 1 February 2018 19:39)

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  9. Russians and Serbs magnetize each other. They make friends and help each other. read about Shoigu and Kusturitza todays meeting. So feelings of Dacic for the Rus people are not surprising.
    (rote, 1 February 2018 19:07)

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  10. I do not play any graphic-demanding game.

    The equipment is for testing / developing purpose only.

    But if you want a very strong PC, just try out what I wrote.

    The monitor is nice. Just make sure, all interface in question does play well together.

    For instance my Samsung (non-curved) monitor does work well with Thunderbolt only.

    Otherwise it is stuck at lower freq.

    My favorite is HP LP3065. It's 2560 x 1600 and works with pretty much everything.

    And it's dirt-cheap now. Having 1600 vertically is quite a difference compared with 1440.

    You will feel, it's a bigger difference for the eye than 2560 vs. 3440 horizontally.
    (Ataman, 1 February 2018 12:42)

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  11. Since Serbia has taken a neutral position there is nothing wrong with Dacic being given a medal by Putin considering that Boris Tadic got three from the Germans alone.
    (sj, 1 February 2018 09:57)

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    It was only an example of purchashing power

    An interesting fact ALL I WANT IS TO PLAY GTA 5 it have fantastic graphich ,look in youtube GTA 5 realistic graphich

    Well first of all i bought at end of year 2017 a CURVED SAMSUNG MONITOR special for games with refresh rate of 4ML + compatble with AMD graphic

    in 2018 bought a new computer at special offer payed 200 euro normal price 250 euro

    I INSTALED GTA 5 and nothing


    I discovered that the computer have integrated GRAPHICH and is a big SHIT

    next week i will buy a dedicated video card

    IF IT WILL NOT WORK , at summer i will buy a PLAY STATION is 300 euro and it work fast and 100%

    That monthly budget i wrote yesterday is not only for me

    The monitor is someting fantastic because have QUANTUM DOT TEHNOLOGY is big difference , the best is 4K MONITOR but is to expensive


    I have 8 RAM memory

    That family budget split at 3 so i quess i will have to wait for save money for a playstation is just impossible to play on a computer

    I tought new computer is same as a monitor => superior new tehnology

    the final => GTA 5 impossible to play on computer and i want to look the quality as in YOUTUBE
    (adrian_bucharest, 1 February 2018 07:40)

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  13. Dacic a very little man like all leaders in the Pyramid he is payed rather well
    (Sam, 1 February 2018 03:49)

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  14. To Adrian.

    The best machines for the price are either 2009 MP or 2011 17" MBP.
    But you have to find out a good motherboard-level repair facility for MBP.

    If they aren't familiar with that particular model, that's fine. Just make sure, they do not do the stupid re-balling, that leads to nowhere. The correct process is described on youtube by a famous independent repair specialist from NY.

    If so, I wouldn't be afraid to buy even a "defective" model, every defective I did buy was repaired inexpensively. Just don't ask Apple Store to do that for you.

    The best source is eBay UK, most sellers would agree to hand over the machine to a licensed Hungarian or Romanian transport agency (spares them a trip to the post office and extensive packing!)

    Such agency would take a large desktop from rural UK to Romania for no more, than 50-60 Euro.

    But you have to know, what you buy and how to proceed with upgrades!
    (Ataman, 31 January 2018 19:40)

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  15. Adrian,

    I have two homes. In each home every room is filled with computers. My workroom in Hungary has nine, my work room in an other EU country has "only" three.
    It is necessary because the debugging of work requires two computers connected via a special interface.
    These machines run the latest OS-es you can imagine.

    All of them are either from my previous work (bought them for one Euro as they were written-off by accountant) or from eBay.

    Five of them have dual 3.46 GHz Xeon 6-core processors, upgraded by myself.

    The Xeon processors were bought of eBay, upgrade done by myself.

    I live in two EU countries and have U.S. salary.

    By the way: the newest of my computers is from 2010, it's now EIGHT YEAR OLD.

    That's fine.

    Buying new crap every month is ridiculous, non-professional.


    Besides, would I do that I would go broke.
    (Ataman, 31 January 2018 19:19)

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    (rote, 31 January 2018 18:37)

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  17. Dacic is a communist thru and thru. So is Putin KGB commy czar as is Russia. Russia is only in name a "democracy". Even Communist country's have in their name "peoples democracy". LOL try to exercise the so called democracy the people firing squad next or worse. Serbia is turning like a Russian "democracy" more and more. So he is getting a commrad metal. like the commy's always give each other for screwing the pore helpless slave peasants.
    (Lenard, 31 January 2018 18:34)

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  18. (adrian_bucharest, 31 January 2018 15:13)

    Adrian, why are you buying a computer every month?????? Are you trolling so much that you're wearing out a keyboard every 30 days.
    (ChiTown, 31 January 2018 17:27)

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  19. I guess Dacic's bank account in Greek Cypriot banks is getting pretty fat!
    (the truth, 31 January 2018 16:56)

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  20. Smart policy, Srbija - Keep it up!

    Friends and trade with ALL, enemies with none - that should be every country's goal!

    Srb integrity should never be for sold for 30 pcs of silver...
    (Watcher, 31 January 2018 15:20)

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  21. in 2018 Romania is more rich than Germany , France , England

    we overtook them , me father got 115 euro bucharest pension , me mom got 115 euro bucharest pension , i finaly got bucharest 115 euro pension to , they got at other handicap 100 euro , and 150 euro at pensiosn totaly => 600 euro each month more money and we have now 1400 euro per month

    each month we buy a computer or a laptop , soon we will go in Aruba in Holydays

    Dear people from Balkan i want to tell you that Romania a country from Balkan is today more rich than Germany . I never worked , mom never worked , father worked only as a simple worker in factory in Germany someone in same situacion it not live so good

    We really overtook Germany , from 2018 Romania is a paradise .

    i have to say that until 2018 we lived just normal nothing extra all normal .

    We have 1400 euro each 30 days in Romania without work

    I never belived it will ever come the day when to buy a computer will be a simple formality , from the year 1997 up to year 2010 i used same bad second hand computer + watched movies and football on an old Romanian tv of Ceausescu from 1987

    Until end of 2016 we even not had 600 euro per month as whole family and only now in 2018 we got more 600 euro per month in only 1 year

    If anyone don`t belive i can show proofs

    Even in me most beautifull dreams i never belive it will be a Bucharest pension very easy to get for people
    (adrian_bucharest, 31 January 2018 15:13)

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