1. B92, why give this nobody media attention?

    We donít care what the opinion of a nobody is. This nobody has the same influential weight as azir or joni or any other of the Albanian trolls on a Serbian forum (I guess they do live in Serbia (kosovO)).

    Russia is getting to strong and the trolls are shitting their pants haha. Donít worry youíll
    Have more autonomy to make you feel like Kosovo is yours, but youíll still need a Serbian passport :)
    (Trizo, 20 November 2017 10:40)

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  2. (icj1, 17 November 2017 23:33)

    Very soon it will be 19 years since Albanian lives were improved, but can you list the industries that the US, or any western nation, has relocated to Kosova? Surely being their closest friend, the US, at least, would have opened something in Kosova to alleviate the official 45% level of unemployment which in fact is more like 80%?

    You see several US firms are now operating in Serbia proper. Isnít that a tad disturbing to find out that your best buddy is not only doing business with evil Belgrade but employing hundreds of Serbs while the Albanians, who bled for the US, are only getting the raspberry????

    Surely the west has made some noise over the fact that the only source of income in Kosova, apart from EU aid, is remittances from family members living and working outside of Kosova? No? Glad that the CE of B92 forums sj could remind the readers of these important points LOL.
    (sj, 20 November 2017 09:39)

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  3. "Buzi" = "голубой" = "light-blue" (but the word "голубой" has other meaning, too).

    Anyway, being "light-blue" is considered in some neat rural Russian and Hungarian areas to be something of utter shame. Not my buzi-ness... but that guy has to feel some utter shame anyway.

    In Hungary you better don't say "I am busy" because people may look funny at you.

    About 90% of Hungarians aren't "busy", I mean, "buzi" - and no way you can take them to the other side... Not even with a loaded gun.
    (Light-Blue, 20 November 2017 05:21)

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  4. "US general: Russian Center in Serbia is not humanitarian"

    You are friggin non-Russian and non-Serbian.
    This is friggin non-your-buzi-ness.

    You are затраханый, америкосный buzi.

    Sorry for my bad Russian-Hungarian.
    (Ataman, 20 November 2017 05:12)

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  5. DRAGAN : President Putin, if you are listening, make it happen! Anti-aircraft systems are defensive ...

    Если снова над миром грянет гром,
    Небо вспыхнет огнем,
    Вы нам только шепните,
    Мы на помощь придем.


    PS : As I heard you are to receive the latest version of S-300 and Tor system. They work better together.
    (rote, 19 November 2017 13:43)

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  6. Since 1999 what has the EU or US done in Kosovo to improve your lives?
    (sj, 17 November 2017 13:25)

    The EU and the US made possible the withdrawal of Serbia's army and police from Kosovo. If Serbia's army and police were to still control Kosovo, many in Kosovo would not even have a life, let alone be able to improve it. It is always great though that the CE of B92 forums sj reminds readers of this forum of that important point.

    P.S. CE = Chief Economist
    (icj1, 17 November 2017 23:33)

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  7. We need some additions to the humanitarian center in Nis, we need Russiaís state of the art anti-aircraft system there. President Putin, if you are listening, make it happen! Anti-aircraft systems are defensive , not offensive, but just watch the NATO war criminals go absolutely crazy if this happens. It will remove the threat of any further illegal bombing of sacred Serbian land by evil crazies like Albright or McCain. And yes, it would be the most humanitarian gesture towards Serbs that is possible.
    (Dragan, 17 November 2017 13:56)

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  8. (Joni, 16 November 2017 23:09)

    Yes Joni Iím very insecure and scared LOL. Since 1999 what has the EU or US done in Kosovo to improve your lives? Have they brought jobs? No; is there are promise of investment? No; Has life in Kosovo improved? No. Pre-1999 there were 2 million in Kosovo today over 500,000 have left permanently. If I am wrong list all the US corporations that have opened office or industry in Kosova.

    Not one middle eastern refugee wants to go to the US because its not the US of the 1950s or 1960s.

    You have no idea what is going on in Asia. You recall how Trump was accusing China of unfair dealings with the US? Well Trump was recently there and I have never seen so much arse kissing by the US in my life. The Chinese have signed several huge gas and oil projects in Alaska.

    Stick to your cleaning job and leave the more cerebral matters to ones that can deal with them.
    (sj, 17 November 2017 13:25)

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  9. Looks like the Albos on this site have forgotten along with the General to take their medication. Really how much sucking up to the US do these guys need'
    (draza putin, 17 November 2017 10:18)

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  10. When Putin is invited to inspect Bondsteel then you can suggest you go and inspect that humanitarian centre.
    You muscle in and build a base on our land without our permission and then b!tch about Russians building something nowhere near what they built and wanting inspection rights.
    They are treating us like mugs. Is the government going to let them?
    (Peggy, 16 November 2017 23:28)

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  11. There was a debate only this week in the UN security council on this very issue and the west wanted to reduce the numbers but lost the debate. Sorry boys the outside military is there to keep the peace by keeping the Albos under control. This suits Serbs to a T.
    (sj,†16 November 2017 21:51)†

    I have read your comments and you know what I read between the lines... INSECURITY sj, in all your comments..
    You know that this is not good for Serbia... I bet you know that.
    Is simple sj, being against EU side - mean being in the wrong side and I know all you know that.

    Europe is here to stay while Asians are here temporarily.
    Always were kicked out by their own allies historically, look at Turkey and even Russia.
    The problems with Russians is that once you let them in - then you must kick them out just with force or wars. And as a smart a..s you know that. Right???
    I'm enjoying your comments because I read your fear sj! And you know I'm right!
    Your best Russians friends are arming you, and are preparing your country for another war in Balkan.
    That's what good friends do.
    Don't worry about Albanians sj, we know how to swim, I wonder if you know to fly... Oh, you learn fast, same as you to many will go in US, West, Canada but none in Russia. For sure after that your country will be the field of the battles between the West and Russia, I bet your Russian friends will light a candle on Church for the honor of Serbia.
    (Joni, 16 November 2017 23:09)

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  12. The poor Albos think that the military is in Kosovo for their benefit LOL. Perhaps I should remind them that their Thaci has been pushing for a reduced mission and creation of a "Kosova army".

    There was a debate only this week in the UN security council on this very issue and the west wanted to reduce the numbers but lost the debate. Sorry boys the outside military is there to keep the peace by keeping the Albos under control. This suits Serbs to a T.
    (sj, 16 November 2017 21:51)

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  13. I suppose Bondsteel is a humanitarian facility too. No rendition. No intelligence gathering assets there. The CIA have no involvement at all, right? And the base isn't squatting, illegally, on Serbian territory either, right? They even provide medical treatment for their Albanian mafia friends injured in shootouts. I have a suggestion for the Serbian government. Invite the Russians to build a military facility roughly the size of Bondsteel, right on the provincial line as close as possible. Then invite the Chinese to construct another one nearby. That should set the cat amongst the pigeons.
    (PEN, 16 November 2017 18:57)

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  14. Bondsteel is only humanitarian centre in Balkan
    (Sreten, 16 November 2017 17:57)

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  15. It's none of the General's f***ing business to begin with, who cares what he thinks, and finally, they have Camp Bondsteel which is illegal however, the Humanitarian Center is legal.
    (ivan, 16 November 2017 17:43)

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  16. Serbia 🇷🇸 must not be allowed to have Russian ďHumanitarian CenterĒ that will contain spies and supplies for terrorists...

    NATO must see to it that US Bondsteel is safe from Slav Russian-Serb TERRORISTS .

    Make ignorant Serb understand!

    US in Kosova for ever !
    (Azir, 16 November 2017 17:36)

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  17. Mr GENERAL

    You are more then welcomed to stay in the Republic Of Kosova for as long as you like.

    And when the Republic Of Kosova's armed forces are fully activated under NATO, you may come as you like and leave as you like, and come back as you like.

    The KAF'S will be able to take care of stabilizing the region with no problems at all, just waiting for NATO to give the green light!

    The radical rats back in Serbia can shove that humanitarian center up their Chetnik ARSE'S!!!
    It won't do them any good one bit!
    (Peter The Rocky Mountains, 16 November 2017 17:07)

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