"Two countries rescind Kosovo recognitions"

BELGRADE -- Oman and Guinea Bissau have withdrawn their decisions to recognize Kosovo’s independence, Belgrade-based daily Blic writes.

This is the first time since Kosovo's Albanians unilaterally declared independence that a country has decided to make such a move, according to the article.

Serbian officials were informed about the decision during bilateral meetings at the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Belgrade.

According to Blic, Oman delegation head informed the Serbian officials that Oman "never recognized Kosovo even though Priština had celebrated it".

“(Serbian Foreign Minister) Vuk Jeremić told Oman's delegation chief that he was dissappointed with the country's decision to recongnize the independence despite the promise he was given earlier that it would not happen. His interlocutor was surprised and convinced the minister that it had never happened. Also, Guinea Bissau started the recongnition process, but the MPs were against it so the procedure was suspended,“ the daily quoted a source from the Non-Aligned Movement summit organizing committee.

The daily's source assessed there would be more such decisions.

“Two more countries have annnounced withdrawal of their decisions and it should be announced soon, and there is an investigation in an African country against a top official who took money from an Albanian businessman to push for the decision about the recognition,“ Blic pointed out.

A source quoted by the daily also claimed heads of delegations confirmed to Serbian President Boris Tadić and Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić in bilateral meeting during the summit that they are under enormous pressure from the United States, and also Britain and France - depending on whose former colonies they were, to recognize Kosovo.

According to the source, the Caribbean Community has also not recognized Kosovo, despite information published by Kosovo Albanians officials, and that the decision was in fact made only by Saint Lucia, which belongs to this organization of countries.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanians unilaterally declared independence in early 2008. Serbia rejected the proclamation.