"Serbia getting ever closer to EU"

BELGRADE, ATHENS -- Serbia is coming closer to the EU with every passing day and important steps have been taken on that path, says Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis.

Dora Bakoyannis (FoNet, archive)
Dora Bakoyannis (FoNet, archive)

"It’s well known that Greece is Serbia’s friend and that we firmly support her EU path. Among the encouraging signs are Serbia’s cooperation with the International Court of Justice, the progress Serbia has registered in the area of structural reforms, and her consistent pro-European position on the international arena,“ Bakoyannis told daily Večernje Novosti.

She stressed that she believed that Serbia had much to offer the EU and vice versa.

“The Serbs and the Greeks have long had a special relationship. We understand one another and throughout history we’ve always got on. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I’ve easily achieved cooperation with Serbian politicians that I’ve had the chance to meet. I have the utmost respect for President [Boris] Tadić, and I have a close, sincere and fruitful relationship with Foreign Minister [Vuk] Jeremić,“ said the minister on relations between the two countries.