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Brnabić: I will call the Belgrade elections for June 2

President of the Assembly of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, said that she will call for new elections for the Belgrade City Assembly for June 2.

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Brnabić: I will call the Belgrade elections for June 2


Brnabić told Serbian Radio and Television (RTS) that she will do it by April 3, within the deadline.

Speaking about the consultations on vice-presidents and working bodies in the Serbian Parliament, which were held before the constitutive session in which she was elected as the Speaker of the Parliament, she said that she was sorry that the "Serbia Against Violence" coalition refused to participate in them, as well as that it refused to participate in working bodies.

"I see criticism that we are not ready for dialogue, which is bizarre. You have an invitation to come for consultations with the President (of Serbia) Aleksandar Vučić, which is their obligation to the voters. 'Serbia against violence' did not deign to respond to those invitations, they did not participate in consultations," said Brnabić, as reported by the RTS website.

According to her, the government has shown that it wants dialogue and the President of Serbia "offered his hand to the opposition, but it remained hanging in the air".

"I will convene collegiums in order to create space for dialogue on all topics. I think this is in the interest of our country. We live in a complex geopolitical situation," she said.

"Don't be in opposition to Serbia, be in opposition to SNS," she said.

Brnabić stated that she accepted this position, which is important, and that she will try to do her best to make the parliament more open to the public, and to improve cooperation with other parliaments.


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