Pentagon worried about Russia's meddling

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon says the US is worried about "Russia's meddling in the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the Western Balkans."

Source: Beta
(Getty Images, file, illustration)
(Getty Images, file, illustration)

"Russia seeks to derail Euro-Atlantic perspective of the countries such as North Macedonia and Montenegro through the aggressive approach and deterrence," Pahon told Podgorica-based daily Pobjeda.

He added that the US "see North Macedonia and Montenegro are willing to choose freedom and success and everything that the West can offer."

Asked "what the Western Balkans represents to the US, and whether he thought that as NATO's strongest member, the US should be more directed towards this region," Pahon said that US commitment to the Western Balkans has been "unwavering for a long time."

"This is a story that is often not emphasized, while Russia did everything to reduce our contribution in the past," he said.


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