If you choose not to vaccinate your kids, you choose the virus

In his interview for TV Prva Dr. Kon stated that when choosing not to vaccinate their kids, parents actually choose the virus.

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Tanjug/Sava Radovanović
Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

"Should we ask the children if they will be vaccinated?"

A member of the Crisis Staff, as a guest on the morning program of TV Prva, said that if you do not separate the unprotected ones from the protected ones, you will have a flow of viruses, and the long-lasting virus as a direct consequence. And then, as he added, a collective immunity is created, which some also support.

"I am just telling you the truth. Then it means that parents choose the virus for their kids, and hence this message for the vaccine since - it simply protects against the disease," Dr. Kon pointed out.

Dr. Kon explained that children of primary school age have a milder clinical picture, but this is not the case with children who go to high (secondary) school. Then there is the infection of the part of the population that has been vaccinated and which is especially sensitive, such as older citizens, and that is why we have this story about the third dose.

When asked if it is logical to ask parents to vaccinate their children when we have a situation with not enough adults vaccinated, Dr. Kon said: "It is quite illogical. I'm just asking one thing, will children now between the age of 12 and 18, once they got their children, will they get them vaccinated? Should we ask the children if they want to be vaccinated?" Dr. Kon asked.

He pointed out that children do not have enough knowledge about that. "Also, I claim that there a lot of parents lack true information in this respect," he added, noting that only 12 influential anti-vaxxers cover 73 percent of the Internet and that is the problem.

"Confusion is created with so many parents due to this individual influence which abuses the fear and parental care. It is clear that parents have chosen to expose children to the virus once they decide not to vaccinate them," he repeated.

"Please guys..."

When asked to explain the claims that parents refuse to vaccinate their children because due to lack of studies on those vaccines, a member of the Crisis Staff stated that it was a pure lie.

"Please guys, does anyone believe that there are some idiots here who will put children's health above other things," Dr. Kon underlined and repeated, once again, that all relevant institutions in Serbia have approved the use of the vaccine for children.

If children are not vaccinated, they will be left with such a historical memory, and that will not be good in the future, he concluded. Four digits next week

The epidemiologist says that a four-digit number of newly infected can be expected next week, and that "it is clear that very serious restrictive measures should be adopted."

"I am not sure if this will happen, but I am quite sure that the medical part of the Crisis Staff will insist on such measures," he told TV Prva.

When asked about the possible suspension of festivals, weddings, and similar gatherings if the number of those infected daily exceeds 1,000, he said that "festivals that have already been approved will hardly be canceled, but adhering to necessary measures will be tightened.

"What could be extremely changed are the places where contacts and transmission take place the most, such as the nightlife, music events, everything that attracts young people at this time of year and it is clear that there should be a restriction of working hours, which is extremely unpopular. I very much doubt it will be passed,” Kon said.

Speaking about the acceleration of infection, he said that it is generally known that measures against the coronavirus are not respected, and added that the epidemiological situation is not dominated by the return of citizens from summer vacations, but by people's behavior. As he pointed out, it is absolutely unacceptable not to wear protective masks in public traffic.


"3.000 infected this week"

The fight against the delta strain of coronavirus is extremely cruel, said the State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Mirsad Djerlek.

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