What measures can be expected after the session of the Crisis Staff?

The session of the Crisis Staff for the suppression of coronavirus infection in Serbia will be held tomorrow.

Source: B92, Blic
EPA/EFE Antonio Bat
EPA/EFE Antonio Bat

The session will be held considering the leap in the number of newly infected people in Serbia and the appearance of a significant number of patients in several cities in Serbia.

It is possible that the introduction of new measures will be considered at the session, daily "Blic" reports.

Some of these measures could be mandatory, such as wearing protective masks outdoors, especially when getting in contact with others, followed by reducing gatherings from 30 to a maximum of five people or a complete ban on gatherings, local movement bans, not in the whole of Serbia, though.

It is possible that the closure of cinemas and theaters and more rigorous measures for entering Serbia will be considered.


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