Kon: We finished the first half, with 5 more weeks to go VIDEO

The results in Serbia are not bad, another difficult week is ahead of us, with the virus weakening afterwards, Dr Kon said in the morning program of TV Prva

Source: B92
Foto: TV Prva, screenshot
Foto: TV Prva, screenshot

"The fifth week has passed, it is the most significant and we've undergone it relatively well," states Dr Kon.

The week started with the announcement that there would be a sudden leap in the number of the infected, but fortunately - because of the measures taken, it did not happen.

As stated, the results are not so bad.

"We have finished the first half, with five weeks left, and only one will be difficult, and it is important that we do not make a mistake in that one," Dr Kon said.

After the sixth week and the period before us, based on experience, the virus begins to weaken and its danger decreases.

It is important to respond immediately to the facilities where coronavirus infected persons have been detected. Any healthcare facility where cases are detected is being immediately disinfected.

"Employees immediately get out of work, everything is prepared for situations like this," he said, explaining that hospitals, even though they have such cases, still function.

The question is whether coronavirus will turn into a seasonal disease.

The chance of the virus completely disappearing is currently low, according to Dr Kon, although he was convinced that is true at the beginning of the epidemic.

He is convinced that a vaccine will be made someday, but then the question is who should be vaccinated.

Another issue that plagues epidemiologists is that it has not been determined whether permanent immunity is obtained.

Dr Kon states that now is the time for optimism, it is necessary to endure the sixth week, but the second half is waiting for us.

"The second half is waiting for us, we lead, but the game is always played till the end," he says.


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