Crown prince was "humiliated by state" - Crown Council

The Crown Council of Crown Prince of Yugoslavia Aleksandar Karadjorjevic has announced that the state of Serbia had treated him "insultingly."

Source: Beta

According to a statement issued in Belgrade on Friday, Karadjorjevic suffered "protocolary humiliation" during a recent event commemorating 100 years since the Battle of Kolubara.

Namely, the Council said Karadjorjevic was "not enabled to place a wreath" during the ceremony, i.e., he was not invited to attend.

The statement also accuses the authorities of "not missing a chance to demonstrate their dedication to the bad tradition of Titoist heritage," which glosses over the role and significance of King Peter I and heir to the throne, later King Aleksandar I.

The statement further said that "a protocol that mandates bad manners is no protocol but instead thin and transparent fog that hides a lack of respect for the ceremony itself, its meaning and content."

The statement was signed by 18 members of the council, including author Matija Beckovic, historian Cedomir Antic, academician Dusan Kovacevic, and Faculty of Law professor Kosta Cavoski.


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