"Hungarian neo-Nazi will not perform"

Head of the "Araca 95" association from Novi Bečej Ferenc Erdman has denied that a leader of a Hungarian neo-fascist movement would perform at a local festival.

Source: Beta

"We certainly will not allow it, and secondly, it is not a public concert or a public gathering, it is intended only for the members of the association," he told the Beta news agency.

Erdman said he "did not know who placed the information about the performance of the neo-Nazi band from Hungary," but noted that such announcements were also present in previous years before the festival.

"I am familiar with this band, they on several occasions played in this area, but we, and I personally, do not have any contact with them. And in previous years there were similar announcement, but we did not invite them and will not let them, or anyone similar perform, " Erdman was quoted as saying.

President of the Municipality of Novi Bečej Saša Šućurović said on Thursday that the town has always been a multi-ethnic community that respected the rights of all ethnic groups and that it was "truly incredible that there are attempts to hold such events in the community."

"We checked with the Ministry of Interior and that gathering has not been reported to them , and therefore we do not know whether it will be held. We, as a local government did not participate in it and received no official announcements, and we hope that such a gathering will not take place," he told Beta.

All this comes after several parties and the Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) from Novi Sad warned that Hungarian neo-Nazi Balazs Sziva would perform at a music festival in Novi Bečej, and that this was expected in a camp organized by people close to the Hungarian ultra nationalist party Jobbik and other movements of the Hungarian fascist right.


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