Croatia: Church dignitaries back fascist salute initiative

High-ranked dignitaries of the Catholic Church in Croatia are among the signatories of a petition for the Croatian army to start using a fascist salute.

Source: B92,

This has been reported by the Croatian website, which added that "persons of various profiles said it was an old Croatia salute, and don't mind at all that it was also the official salute used during the NDH."

The salute in question is "Za dom - spremni!" ("For home - ready!"), likened to Nazi Germany's "Sieg Heil!" and used as the official salute of the Ustasha regime and in official documents of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) - a WW2 fascist entity that ran death camps for Serbs, Jews, and Roma.

"Numerous decisions on deportations of innocent people to the camps from which a majority never emerged" ended with the salute, noted the website, and quoted as an example a document from September 1941 which said, "We report to you that on the 20th of this month we accepted and accommodated to our camps 199 Jews" - and ended with "the old Croatian salute."

The signatories of the petition to introduce "For home - ready!" to the Croatian army have sought the support of Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and HDZ party leader Tomislav Karamarko.

The Coalition of Associations of Serb Refugees from Croatia reacted by "condemning the attempts by a group of Croatian citizens to introduce the fascist salute to the Croatia army's official use."

Deputy President of the Serb National Council (SNV) in Croatia Sasa Milosevic said that "nothing tarnished the Croatian name as much, and nothing sublimates the criminal nature of the Ustasha regime quite like the 'For home - ready!' salute."

Milosevic rejected the claims that this was "an old Croatian salute," and added:

"It is only and exclusively the Ustasha salute of the so-called NDH, and its significance is the same as the Nazi salute 'Sieg Heil'."


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