Bulgarian prime minister resigns

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski has resigned, according to the press service of the Bulgarian parliament.

Source: Tanjug

Oresharski stepped down after just 13 months in office, "after the ruling Bulgarian Socialist achieved very poor results in elections for the European Parliament in May," said reports.

His resignation opens the way for an interim government to take over in August, while parliamentary elections could be scheduled for October, Reuters said.

The agency estimates that the successor to Oresharski will have a difficult task to tackle the worst banking crisis that hit Bulgaria since the 1990s, with the fate of the fourth largest bank in the country still uncertain.

Oresharski resignation came after a long political crisis in Bulgaria, which started last June with mass protests over the controversial appointment of the head of the National Security Agency, which was later revoked.

According to reports, it was "further exacerbated by the poor performance of the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party in the European elections on May 25."


Three die of Listeria infection

Three persons died in Macedonia during the past month as a consequence of infection with the Listeria bacteria.

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