"There must be justice for Serbian victims as well"

Dacic: It is difficult to predict whether lawsuits against former members of the KLA for war crimes against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija will end with verdicts.

Source: Tanjug
Screenshot TV Prva
Screenshot TV Prva

According to the President of the Assembly of Serbia, it is important to talk about it because there must be justice for Serbian victims as well.

Dacic reminded that the War Crimes Court was formed at the request of the UN Security Council and that it would have been formed if it had not been for Pristina, which, as he assessed, is now fleeing from reality and wants to abolish it.

"One of Pristina's demands at the meeting in the White House was the provision that we should work together to abolish international courts," Dacic told Happy TV.

Recalling that the former president of the interim institutions in Pristina, Hashim Thaci, mentioned the initiative to declare a general amnesty for both Serbs and Albanians, when it comes to war crimes, Dacic stated that it is common after the war, except for the most serious acts, but that should be applied not only in Kosovo and Metohija, but also in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia...

"We have been proposing this for years, but they do not want it, because they think that only Serbs should be held accountable for war crimes," said Dacic.

Commenting on accusations from Pristina that he allegedly committed war crimes in Kosovo and Metohija and calls for him to be heard in court, Dacic said that he did not deal with state affairs in the 1990s, but was a spokesman for the SPS, unlike Fatmir Limaj and other KLA members. as he said, they were in the forest, involved in killing Serbs.

Asked about the outcome of the American elections, Dacic reiterated that he did not expect a change in the new American administration towards Serbia and rejected claims that our country could bear the consequences because, allegedly, it indirectly participated in Donald Trump's election campaign.

"As president, Trump scheduled foreign policy activities, what Serbia should have done? To wait and see if he would be re-elected president," Dacic commented.

He expressed confidence that there would be no return to the 1990s with Biden when it comes to US relations with Serbia, adding that "nuances" could be sought in Biden's or Trump's team's different approach to certain issues, such as the dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija or the issue of embassy in Jerusalem.

"Biden was one of the fiercest and most active in the 1990s when it came to the guilt of Serbia and the Serbian people, but that is the past," Dacic told Happy TV.

He added that he met Biden in 2009, when he visited Serbia as the vice president of the United States, and that they met several times after that, and that there was an obvious change in his rhetoric and attitude towards our country.

"Biden was moderate then, he spoke about the need for reconciliation around Kosovo and Metohija, to overcome the problems, that history is" the biggest enemy of the future", Dacic said.

When asked about the new position, Dacic said that as the president of the parliament, he has a different way of working and other priorities than when he was in the executive power, and that he cannot react to things like, as he says, the case when the Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlović removed Dušan Bajatović, the director of "Srbijagas", from the meeting.

They asked me how I reacted to that. I said: "I am the president of the parliament, I do not deal with trivial issues," Dacic said.


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