Impromptu Haradinaj -Thaci meeting ends with a deal?

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj had an urgent meeting with the Kosovo president Hashim Thaci, Prisitna-based press reports.

Source: B92, Kossev

The meeting between the two heads of state took place on Wednesday morning in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

Chairman of Assembly and Deputy Prime Ministers Behgjet Pacolli, Fatmir Limaj and Dardan Gashi also attended the meeting, writes the Gazeta Express and reports Kossev portal.

According to the paper, after the previously unannounced meeting they all agreed not to exchange territory between Kosovo and Serbia during talks in Brussels.

It was reported earlier that there was a disagreement between Kosovo's state officials over the solution for Kosovo, namely a possible partition deal that the presidents of Kosovo and Serbia, Thaci and Aleksandar Vucic previously discussed.

Kosovo institutions hadn't given their support to Thaci for this proposition hence the request for special parliamentary session at which they would disallow him to talk with Vucic in the future on this subject.

The Chief of Staff to the President Bekim Çollaku told the Kosovo paper that "Kosovo's sovereignty can only be defended with the constitution and not with any resolutions or declaration that the Assembly or anybody else could adopt."


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