US state position on Kosovo partition and have clear message

Speculation is increasing about a possible agreement between Belgrade and Pristina that would mean a change of borders.

Source: Tanjug

After a lengthy silence, the United States have stated their position on the idea.

On several occasions foreign media, analyzing the possible solution to relations between Serbia and Kosovo, mentioned the danger of the rise of new tensions in the Balkans due to the possible border changes in the Balkans, and one of the reasons was that the US administration, with the arrival of Trump, seems to have left the region to "in the lurch."

However, the US embassy in Pristina has now reacted, sending more than a clear message to the actors of the dialogue. Namely, as this embassy has told to Pristina's Gazeta Express, the US will leave the two sides to reach an agreement, but it will be clear to Belgrade and Pristina that they will not have "unrestricted freedom of action."

The embassy called on Belgrade and Pristina to reach an agreement "which is applicable, sustainable and does not create instability in any country or region."

"Unless there is room for the plans discussed by Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic to lead to destabilization, the sides in the dialogue will have unlimited freedom to decide about the destiny of their countries," the US embassy stated, adding:

"That does not envisage unlimited freedom of action."

The embassy also stated that they "would let the sides agree, but also declare their stand about every part of the final agreement" once Belgrade and Pristina reach it.


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