Serbian soldiers at Slavic Brotherhood exercise in Russia

Serbian Army (VS) soldiers, along with those from Russia and Belarus, have taken part in a joint military exercise, dubbed Slavic Brotherhood 20018.

Source: B92,
A Serbian soldier is seen during the drills (MoD)
A Serbian soldier is seen during the drills (MoD)

The exercise was held June 19-28 at the Rayevsky training ground in Russia's Novorossiysk region, the Serbian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has announced.

50 members of the VS Special Forces Brigade, 300 Belarus and 600 Russian soldiers practiced different segments of the exercise to prepare for the final execution of the exercise to be held at the training ground in Novorossiysk from JUne 26 to 28.

Lining-up of units from Russia, Belarus and Serbia at the Rayevsky training ground marked the opening ceremony of the Slavic Brotherhood 2018 exercise, which began with the report to Lieutenant General Aleksandr Vyaznikov, the Deputy Commander of the Airborne Troops of the Russian Federation for Peacekeeping Operations and the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force.

The scenario of the exercise scheduled carrying out counter-terrorist action in a populated place, with execution of a special landing of airborne units, and providing assistance to the civilian population.

The exercise involves parachute, counter-terrorist, diversion units with the support of aviation and other arms and services of the armed forces.


During the exercise, paratroopers of the three armies are solving tasks that are approximate to real combat situations working out methods and procedures of counter-terrorist combat tactics.

The exercise in Russia is also attended by a delegation of the Serbian Armed Forces led by Deputy Army Commander of Major General Zelimir Glisovic, including Brigadier General Zoran Velickovic and Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Stojanic.

Cooperation between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Serbian Armed Forces began with the implementation of the Srem 2014 exercise, which was conducted at the Nikinci field.

In 2015, the exercise was organized on the territory of the Russian Federation under the name Slavic Brotherhood 2015 and besides the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Serbian Armed Forces, the members of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus participated in it for the first time.

The year before the last, the trilateral exercise Slavic Brotherhood 2016 was carried out on our territory, while last year the host of the exercise was Belarus.


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