It would be humiliating to negotiate with Haradinaj - Vucic

PM Aleksandar Vucic says it would be "humiliating and devastating" if Ramush Haradinaj were to be included in Pristina's delegation for the Brussels talks.

Source: Tanjug

Responding to reporters' questions on Thursday, Vucic said, "We, too, will see who will be in the delegation, because we determine who will be in our delegation."

"We can't be the only ones who don't like something - they, too, could have some surprises there," he added.

According to Vucic, "perhaps somebody would want to provoke Belgrade to react in some way, so that we are to blame for the further course of the talks" - but added that "we never interfere in whom the other side chooses for any kind of negotiations."

"I think it would be utterly humiliating and devastating both for us and for the EU if someone who has committed such serious crimes took part in the negotiations," Vucic said of Haradinaj, and added that he "believes the EU will not allow it."

Vucic also said that the Serbian prosecution "has evidence of the crimes committed by Haradinaj," and noted that Serbia in the past talked "to some others - I'm not saying they are better - but we have irrefutable evidence that Haradinaj committed those crimes personally."

"By talking to such a criminal we would trample on our prosecution, on our judiciary, and on Haradinaj's victims," Vucic said, but added that "it remains to be seen what will happen in Pristina."

He identified "two factions" in Pristina ahead of the early elections: "the KLA" one, and the other that is "directly American, with Pacolli" - while "the ratio for now is 42 to 38."

"And we should look after our own interest," he added.

As an example of "the kind of things that are being done," Vucic mentioned a non-paper that Pristina has been circulating to EU members and other countries, "accusing Serbia of holding military exercises."

"Are they thinking of banning us from showing our army and our armaments, in our own country, on Victory Day?," he asked.

"I've no idea what this is about any longer - this is like the Twilight Zone," Vucic said, noting that when he and President Tomislav Nikolic traveled to Brussels for the Kosovo talks, he remarked that "It seems like everything has changed," and that Pristina was "no longer asking the EU about anything, but was receiving orders and expecting help from someone else."

On top of everything, Vucic concluded, there have essentially been no negotiations in Brussels for the last six months.


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