Party asks "what was promised in exchange for EU chapter"

The DSS has asked Aleksandar Vucic and Ivica Dacic "to say what Serbia promised" in order for chapter 23 of its EU accession negotiations to be opened.

Source: Tanjug
DSS leader Sanda Raskovic-Ivic (Tanjug, file)
DSS leader Sanda Raskovic-Ivic (Tanjug, file)

In a statement on Friday, the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) asked the prime minister and the foreign minister in the country's caretaker cabinet "whether the government promised not to prosecute Croatian citizens suspected of war crimes, and to transfer jurisdiction for all war crimes committed in Croatia to Croatia."

The DSS then asked whether anyone had faith in the objectivity of Croatia's judiciary, "considering that wartime assistant Interior Minister Tomislav Mercep was sent to jail for five and a half years

for his responsibility for the murder of 43 people, while three are listed as missing and six survived torture and abuse."

"Does anyone believe there will be justice for Serbs, while even their right to use the Cyrillic alphabet is being contested in Croatia, and the Croatian culture minister glorifies Ustashism," the statement continued, referencing the Ustasha regime of the WW2 Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

The DSS therefore believes it is "high time to clearly say 'no' to the constant blackmail and conditions from the EU - since joining the EU is obviously not Serbia's state, national, and economic interest."


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