SNS leader: Cabinet may comprise "several parties"

SNS leader Aleksandar Vučić has said that he is open to talks on forming Serbia's new government with all parties that won seats in the new parliament.

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

Vučić told the daily Večernje Novosti he would discuss this with leaders of the SPS, the DS, and the NDS - Ivica Dačić, Dragan Đilas, and Boris Tadić, respectively, as well as with representatives of parties representing Serbia's national minorities.

“I would not exclude the possibility of several parties getting seats in the new government. I want an agreement on key national goals because I never dealt in small-scope calculations,” Vučić said.

“We have no time to lose and I want a responsible team of ministers to be constituted as soon as possible which will launch the necessary reforms,” he added.

He expressed the expectation that the party leadership would authorize him in the next few days to launch the talks with potential partners concerning the future government.

When asked with whom the talks would be first launched and whether Serbia can hope for a wide coalition although the SNS has a majority to set up the cabinet, Vučić said that the will of the people was such that his party "does not depend on figures but they aim to conduct talks with everyone who wish Serbia to make progress and have good intentions for the country."

"The government plan and program will be prepared in the next few days which will then be filed to the parliament. We will focus on four branches, namely automobile industry, agriculture, IT sector and construction industry and a fierce fight against unemployment,” Vučić said.

A package of reform laws would also be adopted by July 15 at the latest, Vučić announced and underscored that he was "certain people will feel some betterment in late 2014 already."


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