Dačić calls on Serbs to vote in local elections in Kosovo

Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has called on the Kosovo Serbs onto vote in the local election "for those who would run a common political agenda with Belgrade."

Source: Tanjug

Those candidates would "tthereby having the capacity to protect the Serbian national interest," he at the Serb Orthodox monastery of Gračanica, near the Serb enclave in central Kosovo, where he traveled over the weekend.

He also said that "going to Kosovo was pilgrimage for every Serb."

"Priština has no need to object to Belgrade's interference in the Kosovo elections, because the Serbs in Kosovo already know that a united struggle for the national interest is the only guarantee of their survival there," Dačić told those gathered at the monastery.

"Priština is not preventing those who are calling for a boycott of the elections and open collaboration with the authorities in Priština to come, because it is in their interest to have as few Serbs as possible vote in the elections. We have to do something that does not suit them, and that is to take power and use it for our own interest," Dačić noted.

He called on the Serb politicians in Kosovo not to fight each other, but to seek unity.

"There is no help for the Kosovo Serbs if Serbia is not strong, and it cannot be strong if it is not united, so I call on you to be united in protecting our national interest," Dačić underscored.

Commenting on the statements his visit is religious in character, he said it was true because he believed in Serbia and because Kosovo was holy ground to every Serb and going there was "pilgrimage."

Dačić did not attend a campaign rally of the Citizen Initiative Srpska, a candidate list for the local elections in Kosovo. Members of the initiative joined the prime minister and his host, Bishop of Raška and Prizren Teodosije, at the monastery.


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