“Kosovo Serbs may turn to ICJ if pressures continue”

If pressures on northern Kosovo Serbs continue, there is a possibility that they will turn to the International Court of Justice, says Krstimir Pantić.

Source: Beta

The Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo deputy director and former Kosovska Mitrovica mayor said that a “turn of events that will not suit anyone” was possible.

“If pressures on the Serbian government and Serbs living in four municipalities in northern Kosovo continue, a turn of events, that will not suit anyone, not the Serbian government or the international community, is possible,” he told Jagodina-based Palma Plus TV.

“It is possible to declare the Assembly of Northern Kosovo and Metohija that would consist of four municipalities – northern Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvečan, Zubin Potok and Leposavić, with a possibility for other municipalities to join, if they want to,” Pantić explained.

He said that after the proclamation of the Assembly of Northern Kosovo, the councilors of the four municipalities would most likely ask the ICJ for the opinion, just like in the case of ethnic Albanians’ unilaterally declared independence.

“And that question is – does an informal group of people have the right to declare its assembly and its autonomy in a part of a territory. I do not see how the ICJ in The Hague could make a different decision compared to the one in Priština’s case,“ Pantić pointed out.


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