Koštunica agrees with Lavrov: SAA long overdue

Vojislav Koštunica says Serbia should have signed the SAA long before the 18 EU countries recognized the unlawful independence of Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

Speaking at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, the prime minister and the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader said that the question Brussels should be asked now is why the SAA had not been signed earlier, before the Montenegrin referendum of 2006, which is when the negotiations with the EU were "halted by a unilateral and unfair decision of Brussels."

Koštunica commented on Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's statement yesterday that the deal should have been signed earlier by saying that he agreed with this stance.

"Minister Lavrov is right. The SAA is now in a phase when the unilateral declaration of independence took place and when the initialed version of the agreement is contested – annulled by 18 [EU member] states that have recognized Kosovo's unilateral independence," he told an audience of the capital city's businessmen.

Koštunica added that the agreement has to be added to the parliament agenda, because the parliament adopted a resolution last December which explicitly says that every international agreement Serbia signs, the SAA in particular, has to be in the function of preserving the state's integrity and territorial sovereignty.

Koštunica said that the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), signed on Tuesday by his deputy in the caretaker government, Božidar Đelić, DS, "is not in the function of Serbia's territorial integrity."

Koštunica also accused President Boris Tadić's Democrats (DS) of "trying hard to hide their shame behind other people's words, the shame of signing the Solana agreement about Kosovo's independence", and added, "but they will not manage to fool Serbians".

"It is utterly unacceptable for the DS to take the Russian diplomacy chief's words out of context in order to justify their shameful signature on Solana's agreement for Kosovo and Metohija's independence," he said.

"A new government and parliament will immediately annul this anti-Constitutional signature, because Serbia will never recognize Kosovo's independence. And, all the shame and all the responsibility falls on those who signed Solana's agreement," Koštunica concluded.


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