Socialist candidate to have Mira Marković's backing

Milutin Mrkonjić has spoken with Mira Marković by phone and says he “knows he has her support.”

Source: FoNet

The Socialist Party of Serbia (SRS) presidential candidate feels that his party should be the standard-bearer around which the left wing should gather and has the right to be one of the country’s leading parties.

In an interview with FoNet, he said that he had forty years of business experience and energy to offer voters, above all in terms of Serbia’s development, adding that his capabilities were there for all to see during the country’s renewal following the NATO bombing.

Mrkonjić stressed that he was going for victory and announced that, should he fail, he would not support anyone in the second round.

According to the Socialist candidate, the local elections which follow would be even more important than the presidential.

His goal at the presidential elections, which would be “the final step” in the party’s “three-stage” renewal, was to poll over 20 percent.

Asked about relations with the EU, Mrkonjić replied that he would sign the Stabilization and Association Agreement “provided it was not at the cost of Kosovo independence.”

“Our future cooperation with the EU is a matter of EU relations with us – if they adopt the right attitude, so will we,” he explained.


Frattini: EU's doors open to Serbia

Serbia's future is in the EU, and Brussels' political offer to Belgrade means that the doors of the EU are open to it.

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