Prosecution dismissed criminal charges of Danijela Steinfeld against Branislav Lecic

Higher Public Prosecutors’ Office in Belgrade dismissed criminal charges that Danijela Steinfeld filed against Branislav Lecic, it was confirmed for

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Foto: Printscreen/TV Prva
Foto: Printscreen/TV Prva

As the Prosecutor's Office told, the report was rejected, because there are no grounds for suspicion.

Some media later quoted the Prosecutors as saying there was „no reasonable doubt the alleged or any other crime that should be persecuted ex officio was committed.“

"There was no reasonable doubt the alleged or any other crime that should be persecuted ex officio was committed", the Prosecutor's Office told us in connection with the case of Steinfeld's report.

Lecic did not want to comment on the dismissal before he received it officially. He gave a statement after the information in the media, saying that if he "trusted the media and others, and not the law, he would think he was a monster."

After gathering all necessary information and obtaining all relevant evidence in the pre-investigation procedure, which the prosecution assessed both individually and in relation to each other, it was determined that there was no legal evidence with a degree of suspicion that would confirm the allegations.

A copy of the decision on dismissal was submitted to the damaged party's attorney, and if the party is not satisfied with the decision, she has the right to timely file a complaint to the Appellate Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade", the Prosecutor's Office told

The ruling is not final, and Steinsfeld’s lawyer Bozo Prelevic said she would appeal it.

As a reminder, actress Daniela Steinfeld first revealed in her documentary that she was a rape victim, and then she made public claims that she was raped by "powerful people from the film industry". Only months later, she reported to the police that in 2012 she was raped by an older colleague - otherwise well-known actor Branislav Lečić.

Both Lecic and Steinfeld were questioned in March regarding the actress' claims. Lecic denied the accusations back then.


Custody ordered for the driver from Karaburma

The First Basic Public Prosecutor's Office filed an appeal against the decision that L.G., driver from Karaburma, was released pending trial.

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