Minister's party ordered to pay to opposition politician

The First Basic Court in Belgrade has found the party of cabinet member Nenad Popovic guilty of injuring the reputation and honor of an opposition politician.

Source: B92
Nenad Popovic (screen capture, file)
Nenad Popovic (screen capture, file)

According to reports. DJB Movement leader Sasa Radulovic won the case, while Popovic's SNP had been ordered to pay RSD 500,000 (some EUR 4,200) in damages, and an extra RSD 38,700 to cover court costs.

Radulovic sued last November after the SNP issued a statement accusing him of committing "abuses (of office)" while he was the BIP company's bankruptcy manager in 2014. Popovic said Radulovic hired an association, Pronet, that offered"expert life-coaching services to workers" - and got BIP to pay RSD 1.3 million for this.

The SNP also accused Radulovic of being "a man with a forged biography, who has been proven to owe more than one million dollars in taxes in the US," as well as "a tax evader and fake fighter for citizens' rights."


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