1. The US is broke and no one has the guts to tell it.
    (EU Dude, 24 December 2014 20:22)

    Totally agree with your comment but your last sentence is a bit far fetched.There are quite a number of people shouting from the top of the roof the US is bankrupt.

    Indeed, with the public debt now topping $18.2 trillion, the implicit (and fraudulent) debt service relief from current ultra-low interest rates amounts to upwards of $500 billion per year.Let's not forget unfunded liabilities of at least $130 trillion ($1,260,000 per taxpayer) and growing at $7 trillion a year ($70,000 per taxpayer per year).
    Kotlikoff has unfunded liabilities at $244 trillion today.

    The US economy is dead. If you take away the increases to household debt you then have a negative GDP. What you buy today with money you don’t have means money you do have in the future will not be available to buy anything. For what is happening is the grandest con job in the history of the world, bigger than the Trojan Horse by at least a few hands. There is no coming economic growth.If anyone was to try and print money for loans without the real collateral or assets to back those loans they would be accused of fraud and counterfeiting, yet this is exactly what the Fed has been doing when it should have gone bankrupt as a bank years ago
    (Leonidas, 25 December 2014 12:53)

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  2. Yup. Ukraine will join when it become the Nut Allergy Treatment Organization.

    It is basically that already because you have to be a nut to join an obsolete, Cold War dinosaur who's sole purpose is to cement American power in Europe and to sell its weapons in large quantities to cover the costs of development and support the American defense budget.

    The US is broke and no one has the guts to tell it.
    (EU Dude, 24 December 2014 20:22)

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