1. This albo is NOT an ambassador since Kosovo i Metohija is still Serbia. It is NOT a recognised country.

    And it should not be. Let the Serbs return to their homes and then count the heads, and be surprised to realise that there just as many Serbs in Kosovo i Metohija (and we all know that albos are multiplying fast due to their strategy to steal Kosovo i Metohija by numbers since they are the immigrants, not the native population of the region).

    Let us remember people like Fadil Hoxa, the ex secretary of the Communist Alliance in Kosovo i Metohija, who was the first cousin of Enver Hoxa, albanian dictator. Fadil, just like over 250 000 albos like him, "run" away from albania seeking refugee status in Jugoslavija. That was their plan to steal Kosovo i Metohija, due to its' enormous natural resources, which are missing in albania proper.

    SO Kosovo i Metohija is Serbia and will never be a part of a foreign country. Once albos accept that fact, we can talk about the reconciliation.

    Not before. Their dream is just a dream.
    (Mladen, 2 March 2015 02:48)

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  2. Comm. you're mixing up Kosovans with the people of Serbia. Get with the program we know everything you just spewed is false. And failed attempt of Serb propaganda in 2014. Ciao bambino.
    (LOL, 31 July 2014 22:21)

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  3. "According to the report, Ahmeti took to his Facebook account and posted that Berisha is a "psychopath," at the same time wondering how it was possible that "the people of Kosovo respected him so much.""

    I wouldn't wonder, becaus people of Kosovo respect war criminals, mafia bosses and other persons of that kind that became politicians, too.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 31 July 2014 12:44)

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  4. "Priština's charge d'affaires in Montenegro"

    Come on B92, use his correct title, Ambassador of Kosovo to Montenegro.

    He officially presented his credentials to Filip Vujanovic, a charge d'affaires cannot do that. Also he was in Montenegro representing Kosovo, not the city of Pristina.
    (Ian, UK, 31 July 2014 12:01)

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