1. Well, if that is indeed is the case? You should start by showing it by Serbia's deeds and actions! A good place to start, is to recognize the country's with other ethnic majority's which border Serbia, and a big YES this does include the republic of Kosova!!! You must first end your policies of territorial expansion & territorial disputes with all country's on Serbia's borders, and you should publicly renounce any & all policies & ideologies that would refer to any type of Serbian territorial expansions, now and at anytime in the future! That mr prime minister A. Vucic would be a good start, In showing the rest of us that reside in country's that border your once very aggressive Serbia, and the civilized world that you and Serbia's future leaders are indeed sincere in a peaceful future!!! How would it be possible for the EU, to except a Serbia as a EU member, when until yesterday Serbia's policies were that of ethnically cleansing the Balkans of all none Serb populations??? I would be a grave mistake to import a problem of this magnitude within the pillars of the EU!!
    (Rocky, 30 June 2014 17:21)

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