1. Nikola I think your comment and well balanced. I can't imagine what you went through, and how dificult things must have been and probably still are for you. The current sitiuation is very difficult. I agree that the Radicals only talk about the land Kosovo, but so far I don't hear any solutions for the life of the Serbian people living there.

    I think that most Serbs care about Kosovo, and are against the illegal independence of our province, hence the huge turnout of the Kosovo protests. However this latest protest has little to do with that, the support also was much smaller showing that those against Kosovo's independence aren't necceseraly radicals or DSS suporters. Kosunica losing yet more seats in the last election shows that there is more support for the DS on how to move forward. That's the only disagreement, it's not about who cares more on Kosovo, or who has given up on Kosovo.

    I don't think there will be sanctions when the radicals are in power, But the radicals and the DSS answer to the Kosovo problem is only hurting Serbia even more. Having normal relations with neigbouring countries as well as the rest of Europe is of vital importance and cutting off ties isn't going to help.

    As for some other comments here. I am sure Tadic is the laughing stock within your own small circle of radicals and Kostunica suporters who base things not on reality but on false pride and unrealstic thinking. Not that I think Tadic is a saint, he made some wrong decisions also and even tho I don't want the radicals to form a goverment in Belgrade, if that's what the turnout of the elections is going to be I don't think it's right for Tadic to stop it from happening at all cost. However he is still doing what's in Serbia's best interest. You must ask yourself do we want the radicals to keep obstructing the parlements work, preventing it from doing important work? If one would follow the international news one would see that Tadic is well respected, certainly the image of Serbia is better thanks to people like him.
    (Richard Z, 1 August 2008 09:51)
  2. Myway,

    You don't have to be a supposed patriot or a patriot or even a Serb to laugh at Tadic. He is the only world leader who is afraid to ask his "friends" what borders they recognize as his.
    (markotesla, 31 July 2008 23:45)
  3. You know it seems as if there is just not one political party that is in the Serbian parliament that is good for Serbia. I may be pretty young but it just seems that who ever is in power whether its Tadic Dinkic & CO or Nikolic and Kostunica that Serbia will not really benefit from any of them.

    The DS (Democratic Party) and G17 are by far the most corrupt party in Serbia.. they buy elections, pressure other parties and is willing to join the EU at any cost.

    The DSS (Democratic Party of Serbia) and SRS (Serbian Radical Party) have no clear manifesto of what they want to do when they come in power. Look, I am a Kosovo Serb that and at the age of 7 in '98 was driven from my home and I am VERY patriotic when it comes to preserving Kosovo. However I know that only a economically strong and internationalist based Serbia can ever win back the theft of Kosovo. The DSS-SRS talk about nothing other than Kosovo and have no clear economic plan.

    While I have more sympathy for the DSS-SRS because their hearts are in the right place unlike Tadic, Dinkic and Ceda.. I realize that they are not Serbia's answer either.

    I truly hope that if this coalitions forms that it focus's on corruption, crime and fixing our highly potential but battered economy. Only with a better standard of living people can then turn there attention to Kosovo in full unity and win it back peacefully and democratically.
    (Nikola, 31 July 2008 18:54)
  4. Its only Serbs who are laughing at Tadic, supposed patriots...
    (mywayorthehighway, 31 July 2008 18:51)
  5. Prn,
    Well done. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. No even the Albanians are laughing at Tadic; Tadic is truly the laughing stock of Europe
    (Marko, 31 July 2008 18:12)
  6. I dont think SRS will ever have a chance to get to gevernment.

    Tadic is keeping the promise to Serbian people that he said "I will take you to the EU".

    However, the DS action plan for EU is different. Tadic wants to take Serbs in to the EU on one-by-one basis. He took Karadzic first, as the Serb'heroes' have priority. Mladic & Hadzic are to follow, then the others are to come after...

    Pragmatic Tadic...keeping the promise...:)

    (PRN, 31 July 2008 17:12)