1. Beats Hungary - where there the prehistoric time was abolished and Egypt + Greece + Rome received less, than 10 hours total.

    There was no ancient India, China, Persia. The most Christian of all Christians is Orbán - but no one supposed to know, that Mesopotamia existed. That Jews originated from the city of Uruk, migrated to Egypt and after years of serfdom migrated to Palestine.

    All this is left out, Jews (like Serbs) just fell from Mars.

    Ignorance is the best tool to teach how to vote for Big Brother.

    The undisputed champions are the ones, who created the Ukrainian school curriculum based on Ukrainian state propaganda.
    The first human tribe which appeared the first was of course "Ukrian" tribe - and of course they dug out the Black Sea.

    They remind of something similar, an other tribe which appeared even earlier and dug out the entire Adriatic Sea.

    I would let these two fight it out, which monkey was the first: the Ukrian monkey or whatever monkey (guess the name).
    (Ataman, 27 August 2021 17:48)

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  2. Do the schools in Serbia teach the fact that when the Serbs first arrived in the Balkans they were still pagans, and had not yet embraced Christianity.
    (Teacher’s Pet, 26 August 2021 14:40)

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