Kosovo, between Camp David and the Kremlin

Whether or not Serbia will free itself in 2019 of the shackles of the Kosovo problem - the alpha and omega of its foreign and domestic policies - depends largely on the diplomatic capabilities of its president

Bosko Jaksic Source: CorD Magazine
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  1. The Kremlin is the Obvious Serbian choice.
    (@Blue, 25 April 2019 14:26)

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  2. If the Author is trying to imply that "Severing a gordian knot" is a solution, he makes a fool of himself.

    20 years of western agitation have not succeeded, the serbian people still doesn't bow.

    There simply is no way to get the occupied southern serbian province of 'Kosovo i Metohija' out of the serbian state.

    Whatever a Vuçi or any other western-leaning servant might promise, it's doomed.

    The Majority of the serbian People is determined and won't accept any dirty deal with albanian thugs.

    That is out of question. Now with Serbia getting more and more international support the Albanians should come to reason and realize that autonomy is the maximum they can ever get.
    If they play their cards bad, they could even lose it all.
    (Jovan, 20 April 2019 15:17)

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