1. What were the problems Serbia was having with google?
    (USA Stands With Albanians, 22 October 2018 17:19)

    See here:


    "access to the Suite system for new users from Serbia is already disabled.

    Placing Serbia on the blacklist will also have consequences for the current business users of Google services who can access their accounts and use them, but their status is ďfrozenĒ, that is, they will not be able to use new options when they are introduced by Google, or upgrade to Suite new versions, which will inevitably appear."

    For good or bad, there are many alternatives to G Suite. I do not even use it - but YMMV.


    - Lesbians are not transvestites. Not only humans but many other animal species are known to have homosexuals.

    - I find it ironic, that many who complain about LGBT the most, are also the ones, who watch the woman-on-woman porn the most.

    - Ca. 10+% of the population being homosexual may even make sense. In pre-historic times members of the tribe left the family under help of homosexual friends without being worried that something "out of control" may happen. But of course it might happen.
    (Honcho, 24 October 2018 09:25)

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  2. Great work B92! You published an article devoid of the facts and info that let us know what exactly is the problem. Iím still as confused as when I first read the article. Other than Serbia claiming they were blacklisted and the transvestite calling google to complain.... What were the problems Serbia was having with google? What is considered being blacklisted? What fake news was being published? By whom? When? For how long? Where?

    The article opens more questions than it answers. Horrible journalism. And Serbia complains about google, yet their own media doesnít know how to publish and report news within their own country. Knowing Serbia though, Iím sure they donít want people to know whatís going on. Smoke and mirrors.
    (USA Stands With Albanians, 22 October 2018 17:19)

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