1. We hold good ecumenical contacts and friendly relations with all Christians. By virtue of our common baptism, we all belong to Christ's Church. Divisions are man-made because of our sinful, selfish nature. Whoever, therefore, opposes or even humiliates another Christian and his earthly affiliation, especially to exalt himself, violates the Holy Gospel and commits a grave sin. Thus, I cannot take the opinions of fanatics and internet propagandists on the subject of "canonical" seriously.
    (Contemplative Monk, 1 February 2018 19:35)

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  2. Ataman
    seriously you were better of not saying anything more
    (Sam, 30 January 2018 14:10)

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  3. >>> Ataman my dear, you are to smart for me - I can't 'follow' you.

    Was to criptic, I admit, forget it than.

    What all this is about is ultimately a sad experience. Merely mention to average Albanian or average Romanian that they weren't where they are today since begin of the universe is a huge offense.

    I am far more cautious with Albanians regarding that topic, by the way.

    Romanians would completely enrage and explode on you. Even the smartest and nicest ones. It seems, education system of Ceasuscu and Hoxha left it's traces even in smartest people.

    I never seen such an effect in others. It is unbelievable.
    (Ataman, 30 January 2018 13:34)

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  4. "FYROM-maniacs" seriously Attaman
    how old are you like four
    (Sam, 30 January 2018 11:00)

    4? I wish you right.

    Pyromaniacs. The ones who heat up idiotic conflicts with Greece, for instance.
    Or have the most corrupt country in Balkans.
    (Ataman, 30 January 2018 13:23)

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  5. Ataman my dear, you are to smart for me - I can't 'follow' you.
    You are at another level of intelligence. 😲😲
    (Joni, 30 January 2018 11:03)

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  6. "FYROM-maniacs" seriously Attaman
    how old are you like four
    (Sam, 30 January 2018 11:00)

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  7. a Headline to suit nobody
    the Macedonians dont have a problem over their Church with Serbia
    (Sam, 30 January 2018 10:59)

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  8. As i see Serbian Church has nothing to do with God.
    With Devil - maybe!
    (Joni, 29 January 2018 21:47)

    So you say - you are the three hundred and we are the immortals?
    That could be fairly close.

    OK, Kastoria is still not Sparta (but close enuff).
    As for immortals... that, surprise - at least in the case of Serbs and Hungarians - can be correct and to a very large degree to Russians.

    It maybe sounds heroic - but rarely efficient to fight in the shadow of arrows.

    BTW. As far as international law, the 300 vs. immortals: Xerxes was 100% on the right side, Spartans were 100% on the wrong side.
    (Ataman, 30 January 2018 08:26)

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  9. @Pijetro.

    I do not know the Macedonian Church or Hank.

    However things start look bad for me if Hank takes stage about Alsatian or Russian sauerkraut with local sausages... and riesling.

    It looks like that's the case, so I certainly won't kiss his @ss.

    @Joni. OK, OK. How about that Alsatian / Russian cabbage with the sausage and Riesling? Are going to kiss Hank's behind? Or rather follow Pijetro or myself? How about the back-quarters of Tácsi-bácsi? :-P
    (Ataman, 30 January 2018 07:07)

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  10. "Macedonia has another problem - its unrecognized church"

    B92, the title is totally misleading. After reading the text of the story, it's clear that Macedonia has not raised any problem about its church and it's just a Russian from Volokolamsk who has a problem with the Macedonian church!

    Is it that hard for a B92 "journalist" to come up with a title that correctly reflects the content of a story?!
    (icj1, 30 January 2018 01:58)

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  11. As i see Serbian Church has nothing to do with God.
    With Devil - maybe!
    (Joni, 29 January 2018 21:47)

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  12. Haha.
    All hail HANK.
    But seriously. It's pretty simple. The Macedonian Orthodox church, wishing to become autocepholous, needs to go through the Serbian Orthodox church. Upon approval, the other Orthodox churches would welcome them with open arms.
    No jumping the queue.
    Unfortunately, the MOC will have to come to terms with due process.

    Good luck.
    (Pijetro, 29 January 2018 21:09)

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  13. @Ataman,

    Now that link was funny!!! Thanks for the good laugh.

    Just hope that Dragoljub Djurkovic doesn’t see it or he will flip out. :)
    (Mark.W, 29 January 2018 18:56)

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  14. Oh, my... (about the church).

    For Bulgarians / FYROM-maniacs (same language!) and Serbs that link does not need to be translated.

    For the rest of you, there is a translation. The key question: would you kiss Hank's @ss?

    (Ataman, 29 January 2018 17:38)

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