1. Djukanovic is a pathetic stooge. He should bey all accounts be eligible for a polonium sandwich. Maybe a strontium 90 espresso? Lets get rid of this mafia thug working as a US/NATO slave Russian style :)
    (Marko, 15 February 2017 00:16)

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  2. Skenderbeu -13

    * Parabellum - pistol name taken from "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (want peace - get ready to war) but "para bellum" can also be interpreted as "get ready to the whites"
    * Balassi Bálint - founder of Hungarian Lyric poetry, wrote Hungarian, Slovak (most likely it was Slovensky = Chrch Serbian) and Turkic (not Turkish but Tatar!) = Bal Assi Bal-int ... Assi were the cossacks who gave name to Asia and I guess those were Ottoman Cossacks including the Balkans because Asia was zone of responsibility of the Sultans.
    * Valeria (Baleria) мученица Африканская
    * Valeria (Baleria) мученица Миланская
    * Valeria (Baleria) мученица Кесарийская
    * Valeria (Baleria) мученица Лиможская
    * Valeria (Baleria) female name = Vali Aria = Beli Arian
    * Valery - male name =Val-i Aria = Beli Arian
    * Cavalry (фр. ́ cavalerie, итал. cavaleria, лат. caballus — конь) =K-Bal Arya
    * Kabbalah = either K-Bala or Kaaba Allah ...
    * Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus - Roman emperor son of Valerian-1 (Bal-i Aryan-1)
    * Vallons (Ballons) = Bal Alons = Bal Alans ... in old Russian texts Alans are mentioned as a Slavic people of Roksolan from where Suleiman's favorite wife was.

    (rote, 14 February 2017 19:45)

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  3. Skenderbeu -12

    * Ghibellini = Ghibellinen - meadieval political-military group = G-Bellini
    * Bellini (Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco) = White, compositor
    * Bolgaria - state in Europe = Bulgaria=Volgaria same word as Belgi/Belgium because Cyrillic B hat two transcriptions - as V and as B in Latin languages. In fat V and B were one letter in "ancient" Latin called "Barbaric" because it was based on Slavic vocabulary.
    * Balashiha - city in Moscow region = Bala Shaha = of the White Shah
    * Balhash - lake in Kazakhstan most likely is composed of words BAL/WHITE and HASH ?
    * Aksu = Ak Su = White Water = White River = River of the Whites, near Almaata city of Kazakhstan established by the Cossacks as Verny city.
    * Белое движение = White movement - anti-Bolshevick movement in 1917-1920, called The Whites (Belie) contrary to the Reds (Krasnie)
    * belladónna (as if beatuful woman) in fact = Bella Donna = White Donna = Mother Mary
    * Belinski - several noble and Graf dynasties = Whites
    * Order of White Eagle (1831 though there are no white eagles in Russia or Poland) must was a memory of the Whites and their two headed eagle
    * Beli Gorod = central part of Moscow with white stone Kremlin destroyed by the Romanovs.
    * Hadrian's Wall ? Wall is a Russian word VAL/ВАЛ so it could have second interpretation as HORDIAN BAL or HORDIAN WALL that in fact were close meanings. Because no real Hadrian aka Adrian ever existed in the English history.
    (rote, 14 February 2017 19:42)

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  4. When you find some time man. Sorry B92 but since those snakes of western media are censoring Fomenkin and Kapella you're doing a good thing if you allow these our chats I think. Thank you!
    (Skenderbeu 1444, 13 February 2017 22:11)

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  5. Skenderbeu - 11

    * València [vaˈlensja] = Valencia [baˈlenθja] = Bal Land = Place of the Whites, city and province in Spain
    * Valencia - city in Venezuela, Carabobo (Kara Baba = Black Baba) = Place of the Whites
    * Valencia - city in Bukidnon province of Fillipinnes = Place of the Whites
    * Valencia - autonomus society in eastern Spain = Place of the Whites
    * Valencia - lake in Venezuela = Place of the Whites
    * Valencia - community in New Mexico, USA
    * Valencia - mediaeval Muslim state in eastern Spain
    * Valencia- de- las-Torres = Place of the WhiteTurkes, municipality in Badajoz province of Spain
    * Valencia - city in California (Calif Ordia), USA
    * Balinese Cat = Belen Asian Cat = White Asian Cat
    * Polinesia (since 1756) = Belenasia (before 1756) = White Asia
    * Balaklava = Bal Ak Lava = White White Lava? - district of Sevastopol
    * Balaklava = Bal Ak Lava = White White Lava? - city in Australia
    * Balaklava = Bal Ak Lava = White White Lava? - suburb of Melburn, Australia
    * Валли́йцы (Balitsi) = Welsh people = уэльсцы = Celtic people (Kimri) = Whites
    * Ballonia, Belgium = Whiteland
    * Valachie (Þara Româneascã = Land of the Russians) = Balachie = White land
    * Bale = Bale = Bele = White, Swiss town near Basel (Vasil)
    * Bologna = Bal Alonia = Bel Alania, city in northern Italy
    * Belsn - Etruscan name for Bologna (Etruschi = Etrusci = T-Rusici = T-Ruski= Rasenna = Raœna) = Bel Sin = Son of the White
    (rote, 13 February 2017 21:06)

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  6. Skenderbeu - 10

    * Aksarai =White Temple
    * Aksarai =White Temple
    * Aksarai =White Temple
    * Aksarai =White Temple - city in Turkey
    * Aksarai =White Temple - il in Turkey
    * Aksarai =White Temple - district in Istanbul
    * Aksarai =White Temple - metro station in Istanbul
    * Aksarai =White Temple - castle in Shahr-i Sabz
    * Aksarai =White Temple - masoleum in Samarkand
    * Aksarai =White Temple - residence of President of Uzbekistan
    * Ak-sarai =White Temple - residence of President of Turkey in Ankara
    * Aksaraiskaya-1 rail station in Astrakhan region of Russia
    * Ak Orda = residence of President of Kazakhstan
    * Akmardan = noble white man + talanted young man
    * Akmanai = born January + descendant of the whites
    * Akman = born in the coldest moth + white man
    * cannibale (canibal) = can-i bal = can of the whites = white khan
    * Ballard County in Kentucky = Bal Ard in Ken Turky = White Horde in Khan Turkey
    * Ballin = Bellin - family name in Europe and America
    (rote, 13 February 2017 20:09)

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  7. Skenderbeu - 9

    * Belen - department in Argentina,
    * Belen - city in Brasil,
    * Belen - community in Germany (Beelen)
    * Belen - city in USA, N.Mexico
    * Belen - cantone in Costa Rica (Coast of Reich)
    * Belen - town in Mexico, Tabasko
    * Belen - town in Uruguay, Del Salto
    * Belen - district in Lisboa where Temple Belen and Tower Belen are
    * Belen - district in Turkey Hattay province
    * Belen - municipality in Brazil, Alagoas
    * Belen - region in state Para, Brasil
    * Belen - municipality in Paraiba, Brasil
    * Belen - Celtic God of Sun
    * Belen ( Böllen) - community in Germany
    * Belen sculpture episode of the birth of Jesus ...

    PS here I have to go so I'll continue tonight
    (rote, 13 February 2017 09:52)

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  8. Time for change in Montenegro, Serbian land and people.
    (smashthetrolls, 13 February 2017 00:35)

    This is why Montenegrins will never support Serbia or Russia. You are obsessed with the lands of other nations. You pretend that all is yours! You would deny to them the right to decide for themselves.
    You will use their ports their beaches, will exploits them and will deny to them all the rights. They know this very well!
    Bravo Montenegrins!
    (Joni, 13 February 2017 09:47)

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  9. Skenderbeu

    None of the cities was made of white stones and none of thite seas or rivers had white color ect. It was just a matter of ownership. Historians will tell you nothiung as they stay firm on defending the building that feeds them with money and respect. They know that if only one brick is taken from the wall the whole building may be ruined. Ithink that there will be some 18-20 parts of the White/Albanian list. Many of them where you do not expect them to be say in Australia or China. Then if you say so I can place lists with words Rus, Khan, Gal and others that will be same shocking. But first I have to finish the Whites.
    (rote, 13 February 2017 09:42)

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  10. Dear Ida,
    You read Albanian sites?
    But I don’t know if you speak Albanian to understand what she had told.
    She suffer from a rare disease ( are 16 cases in all the world). She had a treatment for 18 years in Italy that's because are not around specialized medic in such a disease, so she had in control her disease. Suddenly all went out of control and she had an internal bleeding, and the medics in Prishtina told to her parents that she must not survived the operation. Her parent were not ready to accept that.
    So, her parents try also Beograd, but also the Serbian doctor told to them that she must not survived the operation but she still have just 48 hours of life, and should be operate immediately. So they take the risk and decided to do the operation in Beograd.
    She survived the operation and the doctor stopped the internal bleeding, she still suffer from the same disease.
    (Joni, 13 February 2017 09:38)

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  11. I understand now why the west like Djukanovic. He is dumber than a rock. Lets be clear little Djuko if Moscow had organised your demise you would be dead as the Dodo bird. Trying to set something up so you could blame someone else requires skill which your government does not have and nor could you rely on the US of stupidly which has all the finesse of a rampaging bull in a fine china store.
    (sj, 13 February 2017 09:14)

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  12. djukonovic is a real djukelo (jerk).
    He is so anti-serb, anti-slav. Time for change in Montenegro, Serbian land and people.
    (smashthetrolls, 13 February 2017 00:35)

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  13. Good night Albania !
    Good night b92!
    (rote, 11 February 2017 20:55)

    Goodnight John Boy.
    (Jim Bob, 13 February 2017 00:12)

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  14. Skenderbeu

    EFIMOK (pl.EFIMKI) = TALLER was the coin Europe paid taxes to Rus in 14-16 centuries so I am surprised that they placed a photo of a coin of 1637 when greater part of Eurpe (except Spain, Portugal and France) stopped to pay taxes to their former metropoly. In Rus the coins were accepted with 15% disount and were melt into Grivnas and Roubles (cut Grivna). Part of the silver was sent to Constantinople and so did the Sultans with the taxes taken from the Black World.

    (rote, 12 February 2017 21:14)

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  15. I also thought if there can be an alternative explanation but there cant be so many cities built with white stones. This looks like so many people around the world had a real obsession for white color unless they wanted to declare to the world they belonged to this mysterious white army. It would be interesting to listen to the official historians what would be their reply. We have the White Drin (Drini i Bardhe Beli Drim), Gurabardh village, Bardhyl (name). There must be dozens of others though. The only thing we know for sure is that this silly looking Djukanovic boy is out of government!
    (Skenderbeu 1444, 12 February 2017 19:33)

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  16. Rocky

    in 14-16 centuries the whole world was divided for two parts - the White World (beli svet) and the Black World (cherni svet) so other colors played no role. The line between the White and the Black worlds was appointed on Caspium-Black Sea- Mediterranien and Cental America.

    The reason why it was made were the epidemies that used to appear 15 century in Asia and Africa to hit the White lands in the end. Communication between the two worlds were restricted and the Black world was submitted to the Ataman P-Orda (Ottoman Porta) as the autonomus part of the Great Horde. Meanwhile the White World including central and northern Europe and Northern America remained in direct reign under Veliki Novgorod aka the White Horde.

    Before 17 century when the Horde was blown up from inside the Balkans were part of the White World. Then the Rus Orthodox Sultans had to secure Balkans from the Protestants and the Catholics. Thus other colors played no role. But even if someone had a name like Karadjic, Kara Murza (Mirza) or Karamzin it did not mean that he belonged to the Black World because mainland of the Ottomans were Balkans and Rus.

    I'm going to finish the job anyway. The 9 parts that I've placed here merely make half of the list because the Whites marked the Black world too. I think it may be interesting for all Balkan peoples who all belonged to the Whites and all were part of the Horde. That's why there were no ethnical conflicts during your Ottoman history.
    (rote, 12 February 2017 18:38)

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  17. Skenderbeu - 8

    * Balta (Whites) , strategic village controlling the only road to south Caucasus (Ossetia)

    * Бяла/Biala town in Bulgaria* Mont Blanc (White Mountain) , mediaeval Albania

    * Lebanon (LB + multiple suffix AN = Whites) , State in Mediterranien

    * Hanuka = Han Aka = White Khan (in Tatar/Turkic), "ancient" Jewish holyday

    * Oka (Aka) , one of the two main Rus rivers (+Volga), both meaning White in Tatar and Rus.

    * Volga (Belga, Balga, Bulga), one of the two main Rus rivers (+Oka), both meaning White

    * Malakka (Melaka), city in Malasia (Mala Asia) on Mala Aka (Smal Oka= Smal White) river

    * Abel Ianszon Tasman the famous "Dutch" Navigator and Explorer of the Pacific ocean. Discovered New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji. But ABEL = White in Arabian, IANSON = Ivanov and TASMANIA = T-Osmania aka Turkic Osmania. A really strange name for a Dutch who was born in 1603 when Hollans was still a colony of the Horde.

    * Accord = Ak Ord = White Horde

    * Schenectady /skəˈnɛktədi/, city near NY, USA = S-KEN EK-TADI where KEN EK = WHITE KHAN is apparent

    * Levante - old name of western part of Mediterranien, = Lebante = LB + Arab multiple suffix ta/at = WHITES.

    * Bibl, ancient city in Lebanon .. both words contain BL/LB same as Baal Bek in this country

    * Kilimanjaro = Kal-i Man Njaro where Njaro means White in Suahili and Kal-i Man means Kal's (Kan's) Man thus we have White Khan's Man

    enough for today I think!
    (rote, 12 February 2017 17:17)

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  18. Skenderbeu PART-7

    * Belujistan = Balochistan = place of Baloch people, migrated from north of Iran

    * Belfast city in Northern Ireland

    * Belbek (Beli Bek) , white Bek = river in Crimea, Russia

    * Belfort = White Fort, city in the east of France.

    * Belopolje, city in Ukraine = Field of the Whites

    * Balakovo, city in Russia = Bal (white) Ak (white) + ovo = City of the White

    * Baalbek = White Bek, city in Lebanon

    * Balkans (Bali Kani), = Балканы (Bali Kani) = White Khans

    * Belgrade, city of the Whites = capitol of Serbia

    * Blanca (BL) = white in Catalonian (Goth-Alanian)

    * Blan (BL) = white in Haitian, former province of the Whites

    * Blanco (BL) = white in Spanish

    * Balts (BLTS) = white in Latvian

    * Balta (BLT) = white in Lithuanian

    * Hannibal Barca (Han-i Bal) = white khan in Osmani, Kurdish and Persian, where Barka = Berke= Barkas = type of river ship in Rus

    * Elbrus Alb Rus = White Rus = mountain in Caucasus highest in Europe.

    * Бијело Поље Serbian town in Montenegro = White's Field

    * Канбелеевка (хан белый) = white khan = river in Caucasus.

    * Torre de Belém (Belen) = White Fort (official interpretation) in Lisboa.

    * Belogorsk (White's City) city in Crimea

    * Albannia, ancient Celtic name of Scotland (next came Scythia)

    * Caucasian Albania = Caucasian White's Land , ancient/mediaeval state in Azerbaijan
    (rote, 12 February 2017 16:24)

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  19. Skenderbeu PART-6

    * Labe = White = Slavic name of Elba River, Germany , Czech Rep.

    * Balaton = Bala Don = Water/River of the Whites = lake in Hungary

    * Bela-IV king of Hungary = White King IV (Karl IV = Khan Yury Kostromskoy grandson of Calif Vati Can)

    * Bela Suri (Zuri) = White Syrian (Rus), Arabian historian

    * Belasitsa = mountains in Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece

    * Belagaum = “White people” in Hindi

    * Bela Gora, hill near Palmira, Syria = Mountain of the Whites

    * Temple of Bel in Palmira = Temple of the Whites

    * Temple of Bel Shamin (white priest) in Palmira

    * Belgorod city in Russia (wasn't made of white stones) = City of the Whites

    * Belgorod Ryazansky, city in mediaeval Russia

    * Belgorod Kievsky, city in mediaeval Russia

    * Belgorod Dnestrovsky, city in mediaeval Russia

    * Belebey = White Bey = White Kniaz, city in Russia

    * Belev, city in Russia

    * Beliz, state in America now Honduras (Han Turas = Turkish Khan) = White

    * Belmopan, capitol of Belize

    * Belz, city in Lvov region of Ukraine

    * Belitung (beliton) = Beli-town = island in Malaysia

    * Belgi , Celtic tribes in Belgium (White Land) = Whites

    * Belgica , Belgica = Roman province

    * Belovo, city in Siberia

    * Belomorje , region in Macedonia and Greece

    * Byelorussia, (Бела Русь) state in Europe

    * Belokanni = Balkans = city in Azerbaijan

    * Belostok (Bialystok) = city in Poland
    (rote, 12 February 2017 15:27)

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  20. Skenderbeu

    1/ I met this name several times in BARAT version. It has some meaning that escaped my memory.

    2/ We had 6 cities of Belgorod in Russia that from common sence is absurd. But if you mark the ownership of the territories it makes sence. Today I'll go on placing the toponymals and as far as I remember there must be some of the White cities there. None of them was made of white stone as well as none of the White seas looked different.

    3/ Persian for White is SAFED while SAF is also CLEAN aka BLANK/White. You will be surprised but I find Farsi language as part of the Russian. Too many words come together. Before 17 century Persia was a province of the Horde. It was absolutely loyal to Moscow and the Sultans had to launch war to submit them after the empire was disintegrited by the Prus Romanovs. By the way words Persia (PRS), Prussia (PRS), Paris (PRS), Borussia (BRS) ect. could mean the same. Old Rus word PARS meant COUNTRY = region/(province of the Horde and even Moscow was called "this Pars" ...

    4/ Bardha could quite be used not only in rotine life but for marking things in the context of the world events. See if there were Bardha Tsars, hordes, big rivers or mountains. Very often small languages give more information because nobody cared to clean them out. Besides in the Mountains peoples get concerved in their cultures. At least it is what I've found in North Caucasus.
    (rote, 12 February 2017 14:35)

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  21. Rote, I see you know very much of the whites, can you then tell me of the reds??? You are familiar with the reds also aren't you?
    (Peter The Rocky Mountains, 12 February 2017 05:25)

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  22. Skenderbeu


    * Bel = White, river in Frigia, Turkey

    * Bel = White, mountain system in Zagros (Zag Ros) , Iran

    * Bel (Beliuzhuditsa) Hungarian name of community in Arad (Arda= Horde) region of Romania

    * Jakoruda community in Bulgaria (Volgaria = Belgaria = Whiteland) = Ak Oruda = Ak Orda = White Horde

    * Bel-ibni, Tsar of Babylon (Whiteland) = Ibn Bel = Son of the White

    * Bellou, community in Normandia = Belie = Whites = Albanians

    * Bellu , biggest and oldest cemetery in Bucharest = Whites

    * Balıkesir in Marmara region, Turkey the Turkmens called it Balak Hisar as Hisar is the Turkish for castle. = Bali Kesir = White Cesar = Bal Aki Sar = Tsar of the Whites.

    * Albus = WHITE in Latin.

    * Alb = WHITE in Romanian.

    * Alban , tax in Central Asia during the White Horde

    * Alban first Christian saint in Britain during the White Horde/Romans

    * Albania , State in Europe

    * Albena , tourist region of Bulgaria

    * Albandar (Alban Dar) = Albani (Albans) , elite tribe in Kazakhstan known as Cossackstan before 1936

    * Albani , respected tribes among the Uzbeks, Kirgiz and Karakalpak peoples

    * Albion (Misty Albion) = another name of Britain = Albi (White) An (plural in Persian and Osmani)

    * Albinos = a man/animal with white skin or hair.

    * Albany city near NY, USA

    * Laba, river in North Caucasus

    Good night Albania !
    Good night b92!
    (rote, 11 February 2017 20:55)

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  23. Skenderbeu



    * Bali (Mahabali) King of Assur (=Sur= Syria= Rus) son of Devamba (Deva Maria)= Beli. During his reign peace, love and prosperity was like during the Golden Age of Christianity

    * Kalomte Balam (Co-ruler and husband of the 19-th Princess of Maya) = Kalo-Mate-Balam = Kala Mati Belan = Mother of the White Kal/Khan.

    * Balow (community in Germany)= Belov =of the Whites.

    * Жаужүрек мың бала (Army of the Man Bala ) a Kazakh film

    * Balé (province in Burkina Faso) = White

    * Baelen (White) in Wallonië (Bal Alonia= White Alanians) of Belgium (State of the Belgi aka White tribes) with capitol in B-Russel ...

    * Bel - Tsar of Egypt (aka south of Rus), son of Posei Don (Sewing River) and Lybia (Land of the Whites) in Greek Mythology

    * Jakarta = Jak Arta = Ak (White) Horde = capitol of Indonesia (Inde Asia) , Includes Pualu Seribu (!) Islands

    * Raqqa City in Syria =R Aka (same as Iraq)= R-Whites in Tatar/Turkic, double letters are not used in Arabian

    * Bel (Belu) Head God in ancient Iraq, = White

    * Bel (Belen) = Latin Belenos (Belinos) = Appolonis, old Celtic god while White Appollo symbolized Jesus in Early Christianity

    * Bel , father of the Lydian (Babilonian) Tsar Nin = White as well as word Babylon

    * Bel, Assyrian Tsar (RusTsar), grandfather of Staphil

    * Bel (Belus) Tsar of Sidon (Blue Waters in Ukraine) who seized Cyprys
    (rote, 11 February 2017 20:37)

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  24. The link is selfdirecting but that doesn't jeopardize your many arguments Kapella! You guys need to sue google for censoring the films thats plain and simple. Thats the strongest argument - how come that thousands of places all around the world are connected with this magical word? Take Berat for example, a small town in south Albania. It was called Beligrad in middle ages. How many Belgrades should there be in the world before people wake up and open their eyes and mind? Kapella the name of the capital city of the caucasian Albania was Bardha which means "white" in albanian. I read it was in persian but I dont believe it. Cheers!!
    (Skenderbeu 1444, 11 February 2017 18:34)

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  25. Skenderbeu



    * Wellington of New Zeeland) = Bellin Don or Belling town = Water (Town) of the Beli aka Whites Some 15% of Maori people here have R and American-Indian O happlogroups.

    * Awkland ( of New Zeeland ) = AK LAND = Land of the whites.

    * Oceania = Ok-e Hania = Ak-i Khania = Of the White Khan thus Ocean = AK-E HAN = WHITE KHAN

    * Arabella (old name of the Irbid city of Jordan) = Arab Bella = White Arabs aka Mamelukes

    * Valtasar (Baltasar) = Magy Vladimir who brought gifts to the new born Jesus = Balta Sar = Tsar of the Balts/Whites

    * Bali, island in Malaya (Small) Archpelagus = Beli = White

    * Bailli ( meadiaeval governors of provinces on behalf of thew French king) = Beli = Whites

    * Bala (demon in Indian mythology) = Bela = White.

    * Théodoric Balat (letterT does not sound) a Catholic Saint =Theo Dar Reich Bela = White of the Bozidar Empire

    * Bala , lake in Wales (Bales=Whites) = White

    * Rosa-Bal (mausoleum of a Muslim saint Jus Asaf , associated with Jesus in Kashmir) = Rosa Bali = White Rus

    * Balu (city in Bangladesh) = Bali = Beli = Albi ect.

    * Balu (anciant city of Kazakhstan called Cossak Stan before 1936) = Whites

    * Baal aka Balu (ancient Semite god) = White

    * Bali (sea in the Pacific) = Beli

    * Bala Town (Wales) a football team = City of the White (Wales also means Balles = Whites)
    (rote, 11 February 2017 16:02)

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  26. Skenderbeu-44



    * ALPINA = district in Michigan (Meshek Khan = Moscow Khan) USA = Albena = Albania = Place of the Whites.

    * Levante = in Syria ( Suria = Sur = backward Rus) = Lebante = Albania = Land of the Whites.

    * Iraq - Sirak = Sir Ak = White Tsar

    * Iroquois League (Confederacy) = IRAQESE LEAGUE (+ Con Feder = Khan Feodor)

    * Babylon = B-Bilon = B=Belan (where AN is multiple in Osmani and Persian) = Whites

    * casus beli = enough reason (pretext) for the Beli/Whites to start war

    * Albert = Albe Ort/Art = White Arta = White Horde

    * Arabella = Arab Bella = White Arab = ship of captain Blad, female name

    * Velikan (giant) = Belikan = White Khan

    * Artashes aka Arataaksy (1-st king of Armenia) = ARTA AKsy = WHITE HORDIAN

    * Albigeois aka Catharis = Whites aka Cleans (from Bulgar = Volgar)

    * Giyom Belibast (last Catharis priest) = Beli Bast = Tied (Bast in Osmani) to the Beli = of the Whites. Lived in Roussillon (Rus) province of France.

    * Casablanca = Casa Blanka = White House = House of the Whites.

    * Costa Blanca = Coast of the Whites

    * Accra - capitol of Ghana (Khana) = AK RA = WHITE SUN (or Sun of the Whites) where AK is the Turkic for White and RA is the old Rus for Sun.

    * Burkina Faso (former Upper Volta) = Bel Kina Vaso = Bel Khana Vasilia = Of White Khan Vasily (former Upper Balta = Upper Whites)
    (rote, 11 February 2017 15:23)

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  27. Skenderbeu

    go to page ... [link]

    I hope it may be of the interest for other Shqiptars too. To tell the truth my notes were made in Russian and it takes time to interprete them into English. Most problematic are the names and toponymals because of the many languages being involved. Their Russian names differ from the Europeans sometimes. Another problem is that I have to explain things that are quite apparent for myself. Try to collect my Albanian lists. One day when you put them together you will realize that so many toponymals and ethnonymals could not come together by accident. Hopefully quantity will grow into quality ...
    (rote, 11 February 2017 12:53)

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  28. Skenderbeu

    about the Whites aka Albanians:

    * Big Belt = bridge in Copenhagen ( Belts= Balts = Albanians = Albigoyians)
    * Lelawala = an Indian (USA) legend about a bautiful girl. Lela (Leila) means beatiful in Osmani language + Vala (Bala) = White in Rus.
    * Walrus = Bal Rus = White Rus ( walrus like the Cossacks has long hanging moustache)
    * Oxford as if Ox Ford in fact Ok (Ak's) F-Ord = White F-Horde.
    * Oxfordshire =AK’S F-ORD SHIRE = White F-horde's Lion. (Lion was one of the symbols of the Horde.
    * MacKenzie, McKenzie (Scottish = Scythian family name) = the biggest river of Canada = M-AK-KEN-ZIE = M-White-Khan-zie
    * Oakland ( San Fransisco where no oaks grow) = AK LAND = LAND OF THE WHITES
    * Baltimore (as if Baile an Tí Mhóir, towns in Maryland and other states) = BALTI MORE = SEA OF THE BALTS = SEA OF THE WHITES
    * Baltazár = Hungarian first name = Balta Sar = Tsar of the Whites
    * Mont Blanc = Monte Bianco in the Alpes = Mountain of the Whites, where Alpes also mean White aka Albanian
    * Isabella = a women first name in fact Isa Bella = Jesus White as his mother Mary was of the Vladimir-Suzdal originated from the very heart Of the Whites.
    * Hannibal Berke = Han-i Bal Berke = Khan of the Whites while Berke was the name of the Russian Kniaz Alexander Nevsky known also as Simeon Gordy and Han Chanibek.
    * Ardebil = Erdebil = city in Iran = Arde Bil = White Horde
    (rote, 11 February 2017 12:44)

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  29. Joni,
    This Kosovo Albanian girl, with a rare liver disease, was just operated on by Serbian doctors. I just came across this article in Albeu: [link]/

    No doubt there have been several more through the years. It probably doesn't usually make the news.
    (ida, 11 February 2017 06:39)

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  30. Doesn't Russia still have a lot of huge investments in Montenegro? They were one of the biggest investors after Montenegro broke from Serbia.

    As for Montenegrins paying to use Serbian hospitals and such - from my understanding they get the same rate as Serbian citizens/taxpayers for Serbian hospitals and Universities.
    So Serbs don't think it is right that citizens of another countries receive the same benefits and discounts as the taxpaying citizens.

    However, I don't know if the situation is still like that now.
    (ida, 11 February 2017 06:28)

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  31. So proud with him.
    . i hope serbs dont plan any terrorist putsch against him
    (Mirko, 11 February 2017 05:32)

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  32. Plasi sherri ...
    (Trimi, 11 February 2017 03:30)

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  33. Djukanovic is right. More problems Russians cause in other countries better it will be for them. People will forget Russian invasion of Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, etc.
    (Avni, 11 February 2017 01:27)

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  34. @ Naim Then go to cure yourselves in Montenegro hospitals but you still go in Serbia in order to cure yourselves. Im wondering anyday how can there be so many people without dignity!
    (Skenderbeu 1444, 10 February 2017 18:47)

    Aoooo...What are you talking about, I don't know any Albanian going in Serbian or Montenegrin hospitals.
    But even if Montenegrins do that they pay for everything in Serbia, Croatia, or else. So what are you talking about?
    Stop with 'dengla'! Ok!
    (Joni, 10 February 2017 23:13)

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  35. @ Naim Then go to cure yourselves in Montenegro hospitals but you still go in Serbia in order to cure yourselves. Im wondering anyday how can there be so many people without dignity!
    (Skenderbeu 1444, 10 February 2017 18:47)

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  36. We know that - Russia only needs destabilisation in order to live. In this case they have they have their dogs in Belgrade- but this dogs are failing. They try the same with the funny train. We've given them big one. So let Russia see it.
    So well done Mr Dukanovic you are a true living hero with so so so much done for Montenegro and you will be remembered as national hero.

    Our fantastic neighbor MNE has fully of our support they are our friends and we live together for ever.
    (Naim, 10 February 2017 17:01)

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  37. This Serbian garbage reminds me so much of another I ran accross many years ago when I was so young in Amerika. Many years ago a fellow Serb, actually one from the same Krajina region I originate told me " All we Serbs who were deported as displaced persons to Amerika need to be very thankfull to Hitler for making that happen " ! Well all I can say is that I never forgot or forgave that stupid ignorant degenerate Serbian garbage for his insulting words and I for sure did not cry for him when he died ! Hope this Serbian garbage Djukanovic gets what he deserves for insulting all Slavic Eastern Orthodox Christianity in the world !!!
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 10 February 2017 15:57)

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