President: Serbia and Russia are bound by - love

The friendship between Serbia and Russia is made of unbreakable ties that reach far into the past, and nobody can deny us this love, says Tomislav Nikolić.

Source: Tanjug
Valery Alekseev (L) and Tomislav Nikolić in Belgrade on Wednesday (Tanjug)
Valery Alekseev (L) and Tomislav Nikolić in Belgrade on Wednesday (Tanjug)

The Serbian leader made the statement as he met in Belgrade on Wednesday with International Fund for the Unity of Orthodox Peoples' President Valery Alekseev.

"The Orthodox faith binds us together, as does our joint fight for freedom and justice," a statement from the president's cabinet said, and added that Nikolić during the meeting stressed the importance of the building of St. Sava's Temple in Belgrade, in which Russia has a significant role.

"This holy place has special value for Serbia, and its renewal would be almost impossible without the participation of our Russian friends," he was quoted as saying.

Alekseev explained that the organization he is heading works to strengthen "the Orthodox public" in various countries, with the goal of promoting high Christian and cultural values in a modern society.

The Russian guest emphasized that special effort has been made when it came to the Fund's activities in the Balkans, where several chapters had been set up, tasked primarily with educational activities and in cooperation with Serbia's state and Church circles.


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