Ruling party official invites Jeremić to join its ranks

BELGRADE -- The vice-president of Serbia's largest party, the ruling Serb Progressives (SNS), has invited former Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić to join its ranks.

Vuk Jeremić (Tanjug, file)
Vuk Jeremić (Tanjug, file)

Jeremić, who currently serves as president of the UN General Assembly, has recently been expelled from the opposition Democratic Party (DS).

Bratislav Gašić on Tuesday invited him to "join the team of Aleksandar Vučić that will lead Serbia forward".

Stressing that this was his "personal appeal", the SNS official also noted that the party's presidency did not discuss the matter so far, but that he held in exceptionally high esteem Jeremić's results and his UN office.

Gašić also noted, in reference to the DS, that "only a party in disarray would ever let go of such people".

"Our party is much more democratic than the Democratic Party, because we are not shy to appoint non-partisan figures as cabinet ministers, because we respect their qualities and knowledge," he told reporters, and added that Jeremić would be "useful for many positions".

According to Gašić, the Progressives wish to make a team "made up of quality people".

"I think Vuk Jeremić should join such a team," the SNS official said, and urged Serbia's former foreign minister "to consider very carefully" this invitation.