Spanish FM named honorary Belgrade citizen

BELGRADE -- Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos was named an honorary Belgrade citizen on Saturday.


After meeting with President Boris Tadić and his Serbian counterpart Vuk Jeremić, Moratinos said that the current relations between Spain and Serbia are the best they have ever been.

He said that Spain will do everything in its power to help Serbia on its road to joining the European Union.

“Spain will be presiding over the EU starting January 1, 2010, and will do everything in its power for the dreams and aspirations of Serbia to become a reality,” Moratinos said.

He added that Spain will use all instruments to make the ratification of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between Serbia and the EU a reality. He added that Spain will also support Serbia’s application for become a candidate for EU membership.

Moratinos said that his government agrees completely with all of Serbia’s stances related to international and regional questions.

“Our united stances do not come only from friendship between the two countries, but also from both countries defending the charters of international law,” he said.

Moratinos said that he hopes that relations between Serbia and the EU will improve in 2010.

Tadić and the Spanish minister talked about bilateral relations and Serbia’s European integration, according to the President’s press service.

They spoke about Spain’s upcoming EU presidency, and the Serbian President stressed that Serbia has successfully realized two large tasks in EU integration, reminding that visas have been abolished and the interim trade agreement with the EU has been unfrozen.

Tadić thanked Spain and Moratinos for their support of Serbia’s European integration and the defense of Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in Kosovo.

He also congratulated Moratinos for becoming an honorary citizen of Belgrade, stating that he deserves this honor as a great friend that has contributed a lot to the promotion of the Serbian capital.

Jeremić said that Serbia is very thankful to the Spanish government for its support of Serbia.

He said that 2009 was a good year for Serbia’s EU integration process.

“We got visas abolished, the interim trade agreement has been unfrozen and we received the best report yet from the European Commission. The only reason that I am convinced that 2010 will be better is that Spain is taking over the EU presidency,” Jeremić said.

He said that Serbia has ambitious plans for 2010, including further EU integration.

Jeremić also said that bilateral relations between Serbia and Spain have become “deeper in all fields.”

“There are not many countries that support Serbia in all fields like Spain does,” the Serbian Foreign Minister said.