Cvetković to lead new government

BELGRADE -- President Boris Tadić has named Mirko Cvetković, the finance minister in the last government, as the DS’s nominee for prime minister.

Mirko Cvetković (FoNet, archive)
Mirko Cvetković (FoNet, archive)

A doctor of economic science by profession, Cvetković has built his entire career working in economic and financial institutions, both in Serbia and for the World Bank.

Economic experts describe him as a quiet technocrat, a man who knows Serbia’s economy and finances well, but who is possibly too tolerant for the role of prime minister.

Head of the Democratic Party’s (DS) MP club Nada Kolundžija told B92 that Tadić’s decision to nominate Cvetković was the best choice, and that Serbia would have an outstanding prime minister.

“It’s significant that at the time that faces Serbia, we have a man who is skilled in economics, finance, has had an impeccable professional career, has the aura of a man capable of making agreements, of talking to people. I really do think that Serbia will have an excellent prime minister in Mirko Cvetković,“ said Kolundžija.