"Cyprus doesn't recognize Kosovo independence"

MOSCOW, NICOSIA -- Cyprus doesn't recognize Kosovo’s unilaterally declared independence, says Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias.

“The one thing that Kosovo and Cyrus have in common, as far as the situation in these regions is concerned, is that in both cases, the basic principles of international law and legality, as well as UN decisions, are constantly being violated,“ the Cypriot president said in an interview for today’s edition of Ellada magazine, which is published in Russia.

He underlined that the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of both Serbia and the Republic of Cyprus were being violated in the most brutal manner.

According to him, Cyprus, as a state whose territorial integrity and sovereignty had been been violated for 34 years now, could not recognize the results of separatist actions aimed against Serbia and its territorial integrity.

Cyprus has been split into a Greek and Turkish half since 1974 when Turkish forces invaded the northern part of the island after a brief putsch in the south supported by the Greek junta.

The Turks took over 37 percent of the territory known today as the self-proclaimed Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is recognized only by Turkey.