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Ahmat’s Commander: We will destroy them...

The top Russian general, Apti Allaudin, commander of the special forces unit "Ahmat" and a supporter of President Vladimir Putin, claims that the war with Ukraine will be over by the end of the year.

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Ahmat’s Commander: We will destroy them...


Allaudin, who leads the Chechen forces in the conflict, was appointed by Putin in April as the deputy head of the military-political department of the Ministry of Defense.

Allaudin spoke on state television with the most famous Russian propagandist, the US-sanctioned Olga Skabeeva, about the current situation on the Ukrainian front, and he also presented his projection of the end of the war that lasted more than two years.

In a YouTube video posted on the social network X on Wednesday by journalist Julia Davis, founder of a Russian media group that translates Russian videos, Skabeeva asked Allaudin about slowing Russian advances in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city.

He further stated that Ukraine "has moved a lot of forces there, most of their units," to the northeastern region that has long been a hotbed of war.

"This will be a decisive battle for us in which we will destroy the remaining forces and assets. After that, I believe, as I said before, we will finish the special military operation this year."

He said everything is going as it should and will end with a final decisive battle, which he believes will be a victory for Russia."


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