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People are angry causing chaos in the streets - Sign a Truce

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered last night in front of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) calling for immediate elections and an agreement with Hamas to secure the release of hostages held in Gaza.

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People are angry causing chaos in the streets - Sign a Truce
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Police clashed with protesters outside the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, using water cannons against those who broke through the police fences.

Israeli media reported that three people were hospitalized and that at least nine were arrested.

Many Israelis, angry that hostages are still being held in Gaza and the ongoing war, accuse Netanyahu of putting political interests ahead of everything else.

They believe that the government has lost control over the war, which has been going on for more than eight months, demanding an agreement to end the fighting and return the hostages, the Associated Press notes.

Netanyahu denies the allegations and says he is looking out for the country's best interests.

On Monday, he dissolved the influential war cabinet tasked with managing the war in Gaza, a week after one of its three members, Benny Gantz, left the coalition government.

Gantz joined Netanyahu's government at the start of the war to show national unity.

"We have come to protest again, for the 50th time, we are here, in Tel Aviv, everywhere," said protester Dror Katzman, explaining that the goal is to get rid of a corrupt government that does not return hostages, clumsily conducts war and is responsible for the worst terrorist attacks. attack after the Holocaust, as he said, alluding to the Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7 last year.

Large anti-government protests take place every Saturday night in Israel, and last night's protest in Jerusalem was led by the same activists who organized protests against Netanyahu over his efforts to reform the justice system.

Demonstrators walked from the Knesset to Netanyahu's private residence, carrying Israeli flags and chanting against the government.

"We are dying because of you, get out of our lives," read one banner with a photo of Netanyahu and bloody handprints.


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