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We're headed for the guillotine, all of us

Croatian meteorologist, climatologist and physicist, professor and doctor of science Branko Grisogono, professor of dynamic meteorology at the Geophysics Department of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, says that the "guillotine" awaits us.


We're headed for the guillotine, all of us


He noted that Croatia is also in an area at risk of floods that occur every few years and that it must be prepared for them.

He notes that flood defense systems are 50 or 200 years old and were built according to the standards of the time, and the climate has changed. He also pointed out that the intensity of precipitation is increasing, and that it will be fierce.

Grisogono believes with 99 percent certainty that man is responsible for what is happening over time due to excessive asphalting, concreting, production of the greenhouse effect and careless behavior towards nature.

"Each of the last ten months in the world has been the warmest since there are measurements. It is an unprecedented series. In April we had temperatures of 25 degrees, which are more suitable for May. The changes are fierce, we go from extreme to extreme because nature is energetically charged with growth temperatures," he told the Briefing show.

He adds that he fears that we will lose the classic four seasons. Because, as he says, there was almost no winter in the last two years, and climate projections show that they will continue to be milder on average, which does not mean that in some places there will not be a storm in which half a meter of snow will fall in two hours.

He considers the increase in night temperatures, which have nothing to do with solar radiation, to be particularly worrying. This year, he says, we can expect hot nights in which temperatures do not drop below 30 degrees, which threatens biodiversity because plants and animals cannot relax and rest. They don't have air conditioners.

"The situation in Europe and in the world is not good. There are more wars. This century will certainly be the century of water that will be fought over. The lack of drinking water is one of the most important reasons for large migrations," Grisogono points out, adding that it is high time to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and deforestation. If CO2 emissions were drastically reduced tomorrow, the atmosphere would take about 20 years to recover, but the oceans have a memory of more than a thousand years and would continue to warm, says Grisogono, adding that despite all the warnings, carbon dioxide emissions keep growing every year.

"It's like we're on a big car and going to the guillotine. It's just a question of who sits in the front and who sits in the back. Some richer European countries try to implement green policies, but their old cars end up here, in Albania, Greece, Africa"...

"In the Mediterranean, where several hundred million people live, we can expect more and more droughts because the air temperature is higher there than in the rest of Europe. There is more and more concrete, traffic and tourism and there are more and more summer fires," Grisogono points out.


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