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Vučić in an interview with Sarajevo media: They like the idea of sending troops to the so-called Kosovo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said today that Resolution 1244 speaks about the territorial integrity of the FRY and its legal successor, Republic of Serbia, but that foreigners take only what they like from that resolution.

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Vučić in an interview with Sarajevo media: They like the idea of sending troops to the so-called Kosovo


"They like that in Resolution 1244 they can send NATO troops to Kosovo, but they don't like that Serbia sends up to a thousand of its soldiers and policemen. Well, it applies here, and the latter, which should be valid for Serbia, is not valid. It's even worse according to the agreement, we don't like it and we can't let you. We are very strong and we will not let you do that. Who cares about the resolution?" said Vučić in an interview with Sarajevo's "Dnevni avaz".

As he said, KFOR will refer to Resolution 1244, the Brussels Agreement, and Serbia must fulfill everything from the judiciary to the police in the north, but the Community of Serbian Municipalities cannot be established, because it may not be in accordance with the Constitution of Kosovo.

"And I guess this is in accordance with the Constitution of Serbia. And we have a war in Ukraine today largely because the Minsk agreements and everything else were interpreted that way. It's great, I'll sign one thing, and I'll do the other", stated Vučić.

When asked by a journalist to comment on the convincing electoral victory of the SNS list in the local elections in Serbia, Vučić said that the protests take enormous energy, but that they do not speak about the real mood of the people.

He pointed out that after the elections on December 17, he begged Nestorović's list not to waste time and to form a government, and that he warned the opposition that they would lose by an even more convincing margin.

"Because I have research, I do it, I deal with it. No, no, we will win, they said. We went to the elections, in Novi Sad everyone united. There is no one who did not go to the elections. They never lost more convincingly. So, simply somewhere, people appreciate work, just as they punish you somewhere, where you didn't do enough and where you didn't show enough care. And we will have to show is that we care for people much more in some parts of Serbia," said Vučić.

He particularly emphasized, as he said, the idiotic intrusions of opposition representatives into SNS call centers.

"What is the problem with call centers? In every country, they are taken for granted. I told them that we have hundreds of call centers. Not one, two or three, hundreds. A seriously organized political organization wants to bring out people that it is sure, to vote for it. What's the problem? Instead of dealing with yourself, you always look for scandals," said Vučić.

As he assessed, the opposition in the Balkans has in common that it always believes that it is time for it to take over power.

"Here I go, the next elections are mine. It's, you know, like when they played Dortmund-Real? Real won 14 times, they won't win the 15th and now we're going to beat Real. You won't, Real will win for the 15th time. And the next year, so Real won't beat us for the 16th time. Maybe they will," said Vučić.

When asked by a journalist how it is possible that "in a dictatorial regime there are so many protests, whistles and vuvuzelas", Vučić replied that he is a dictator, and everyone else is smart and good and that he has no problem with that.

"They're here every day. They're running around, they're playing speakers. As they go to one side, I go to the other, to some other office so I can have a normal meeting, but that's your job, that's your life," he said. Vučić believes that there are double standards for Serbia and the EU. He cited the example of the attack on the vice-president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Borko Stefanović, and that the assailant was justifiably arrested, because the attack on Stefanović was absolutely reprehensible, but that, on the other hand, as he said, seven of them were stabbed in the EU during the campaign for European elections, without ODIHR issuing any statement condemning the violence.

"If we can, let's have a little fun with Serbia, especially with Vučić, since he is disobedient, he would pretend to be independent and free, and independents and free people don't have a good time with us, so kick them little bit... And I don't have a problem with that, I just think that it is an increasing problem for them, because people are neither deaf, nor blind, neither in Europe, nor anywhere else, to not see such things," said Vučić.

On the other hand, as he said, I don't know what we would do if we didn't have 50 protests every day in all possible directions.

"There is one interesting thing that is the same for us in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje... Whoever holds a protest, on whatever occasion, everyone must always be in favor of the person protesting. And it doesn't matter if that person is lying, tampering, or is right or wrong, how much money is he asking for from the state, it is always injustice, let the state pay for it," said Vučić.


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