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Where is Danka Ilić's body? In 24 hours...

In the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar, which is conducting the investigation into the murder of Danka Ilić, the hearing of S. J, one of the suspects in the murder of the girl in Banjsko Polje on March 26, is scheduled for tomorrow, June 4.


Where is Danka Ilić's body? In 24 hours...


During the past week, S.J.'s testimony was confirmed by his defense attorney Živadin Bogdanović.

Whether the mystery of the girl's disappearance and murder will be definitively solved tomorrow depends on S.J. if he reveals everything he knows.

Just to recall that after a little more than two months, S.J., who defended himself by remaining silent, finally decided to present details to the prosecutor at the VJT in Zaječar that may help in the investigation to finally find the body of little Danka Ilić.

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