Russians save EU: Prompt response to "the offer not to be missed"

After Moscow's offer to help Brussels, which is on thin ice when it comes to vaccination against coronavirus, the answer from the EU arrived in a flash.

Source: B92

An offer that cannot be missed came from Moscow - the company behind the Russian vaccine against coronavirus offered the European Union to send them 100.000.000 doses of "Sputnik V" vaccine during the second quarter of this year.

Brussels has had huge problems in vaccinating the inhabitants of the Union for days due to the delay in the previously agreed delivery of vaccines from the company AstraZeneca. Today, the company Moderna also informed the officials in Paris that they will not be able to respect the previous agreement, that is, that vaccine will be late.

After Moscow's offer, the German institute "Paul Ehrlich" responded, from where it was announced that they are already in contact with Russia regarding the registration of the vaccine against the coronavirus "Sputnik V" in the European Union.

Although there is no official position of the body in charge of the final decision of the European Commission, the reality does not allow them to procrastinate. The war with AstraZeneca continues, Great Britain, where the largest amount of AstraZeneca vaccines went, will not show Brussels the contract with that pharmaceutical company, Brussels asks AstraZeneca to publish the details of the contract and so on...

Meanwhile, two EU members, both our neighbors, are slowly starting to think about turning to another market - Russia, but also China. However, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated his position a long time ago, which he confirmed today. He said that his country could sign a contract on the procurement of Chinese vaccines today or tomorrow, while the Russian "Sputnik V" has already been procured, last week.

Now, another country is entering the story of the purchase of the Russian vaccine in the EU countries - Croatia. It was also heard from Zagreb today that they are thinking about the Russian vaccine and its procurement because we need to be realistic - the ordered vaccines have not been delivered yet.


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