McAllister: Accept Serbia's proposal; Merkel: NEIN

European Parliament rapporteur for Serbia David McAlister has asked the German chancellor to accept a solution to the Kosovo problem that Serbia is proposing.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug/AP, file)
(Tanjug/AP, file)

This is according to Belgrade newspaper Blic, which is citing a source from diplomatic circles in Berlin. According to the daily, McAllister, a German MEP, recently met with Angela Merkel and expressed his views on this sensitive issue.

"He said that an agreement between the two sides should be supported, that is, the proposal that Serbia is ready to accept. Without giving it a thought, the chancellor refused," the unnamed source said.

Although Merkel would be expected to, as someone who has good relations with Serbia and President Aleksandar Vucic, be the first to support delineation or an agreement between the two sides, that has not happened, the newspaper said.

"The chancellor has no problems with your country and its leadership, but she is aware that a change or softening of (her) position would lead her to an unenviable position in Germany," the source said.

The failure of the referendum in Macedonia has shaken Merkel, it is stated, and she also fears the events in the Serb Republic and the election for all levels of government in Bosnia-Herzegovina, held on Sunday.

"There are many problems internally in Germany, and events in your region can only make things harder for the chancellor. If she accepted the proposal with which Serbia would come out, that would in the perspective and near future mean another country in the (European) Union, and then again that meets with the revolt of the Germans who are dominantly against enlargement, because they feel that they should be asked more, and that, as the most powerful ones, enlargement will not be in their best interests," Blic quoted its source as saying.


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