Gorbachev: New Cold War could turn into armed conflict

Mikhail Gorbachev says that a new Cold War has been declared "between Russians and Americans" - and that it could grow into an armed conflict.

Source: Beta, Interfax

"Today, we keep hearing all the time about sanctions in relations to Russia both from America and the European Union. Have they entirely lost their minds? America has totally lost its way in the jungles and is dragging us there as well," the last leader of the Soviet Union told Interfax.

"And if one calls things by their proper name, it has already drawn us into a new Cold War, attempting to overtly realize its general idea of dominance. And where will this lead us all? A Cold War is already explicitly under way. And what's next? Unfortunately, I cannot say firmly that such a Cold War would not result in an actual one. They could take such risks, I am afraid," Gorbachev said.

"Some countries of Europe live well, while other not quite well, and their dependence on the U.S. is excessive, including in Germany," he said.

Washington on Wednesday threatened Moscow with new sanctions, warning that they will "only become more severe unless Moscow stops supporting pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

EU ministers are today discussing an escalation of the organization's policy toward Russia, in the wake of the latest flareup of violence in eastern Ukraine.


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