"Part of population doesn't realize how vicious and severe COVID-19 really is" VIDEO

The ambulance in Belgrade was mostly engaged in transporting COVID patients from Belgrade to hospitals in the surrounding areas.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug
Tanjug/ Dimitrije Nikolic
Tanjug/ Dimitrije Nikolic

For days, the number of patients in Serbia exceeds 7.000, and the number of examinations and hospitalized patients is also increasing. A new record for the number of deaths was set on Saturday.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Health Mirsad Djerlek said that the situation in the whole country is difficult and uncertain.

"We will do everything to improve the situation and I hope that we will slow down the spread in the coming days," Djerlek told TV Prva.

As he said, the health care system is still solid and ready to respond to the challenge of the third wave, because the state has provided everything we need to fight the epidemic. "Our goal is to provide a bed for everyone who needs it, whether it's in Belgrade or somewhere in the vicinity, it doesn't matter," Djerlek said.

"It is obvious that one group of people does not understand how vicious and severe the disease is. The state will continue to implement measures, we will continue with mass testing because that way we will perform triage, and of course we expect vaccination to increase collective immunity," he concluded.


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